Bradford Rogers: Guiro!

The first thing that comes to mind when I listened to the first track off of Bradford Rogers’ latest album, GUIRO!, is that Rogers makes a very fine Jazz flautist.... Read more

CSJQ: The Life

While I am not a huge hip hop fan I do have my favorites but CSJQ isn’t one of them. Consisting of Clayton Savage and JayQuan the duo’s latest release, the Life, seems to be stuck in a time warp, invoking a late 80’s hip hop sound that occasionally pushes the envelope to sound more current.... Read more

Graffiti6: Annie You Save Me EP

Graffiti6 is UK producer TommyD and singer/songwriter Jamie Scott, of Jamie Scott & The Town. The two came together in 2008 and what followed became Stare Into The Sun.... Read more

Weerd Science: Sick Kids

Fans of Coheed and Cambria will recognize the name Josh Eppard, former drummer for the band, but will they recognize him as Weerd Science, his stage name for his Hip Hop efforts?... Read more

Tinie Tempah: Disc-Overy

Patrick Junior C. Okogwu aka Tinie Tempah was already a rising star before the release of his debut album Disc-Overy in his native England, which dropped across the pond in late 2010.... Read more