Love Rub & the Chocolate Delight: Love Rub & the Chocolate Delight

Now this album is the perfect example of the need to not judge an album by its cover...or a band by its name for that matter. In both cases, I thought I was in for a long listening experience (and not the good kind) when I first put this CD on.... Read more

Margo Rey: Habit

If you've been following my reviews here over the past few years, then it should come as no surprise that easy listening/adult pop music really isn't my thing. For one thing, it's usually somewhat boring and the rest of the time it's completely boring.... Read more

Kylesa: From The Vaults, Vol. 1

My first experiences with Kylesa (according to wiki the name is taken from the Buddhist term Kilesa Mara, a term denoting the delusory mental states) were a bit rocky. I found the intro track to be haunting and extremely interesting.... Read more

Dark Pony: Suburban Serenade Volume 1

Ok gang, this is going to be a quick one. Here's the deal: after years and years of listening to and critiquing music, it gets a little easier to recognize when you encounter a band or an artist that will simply never click with you.... Read more

Surrender The Fall: Burn In The Spotlight

Hang on to your hats boys and girls, Surrender The Fall are here to bring the rock and bring it harrrrrrrddddd. In the grand tradition of of epic bands like Nickelback, Creed, and Puddle of Mudd, STF are totally in your space, man, all up in your grill, being all badass and whatnot.... Read more