The Killer Elite

De Niro Part Of The Killer Elite

With the likes of Jason Statham and Clive Owen already aboard, action pic The Killer Elite already had the makings of a great cast. And now it’s boosting the star power even further, with Robert De Niro signing on.... Read more

Clive Owen Part Of The Killer Elite

We reported almost a year ago about Jason Statham snapping up one of the lead roles in SAS Vs trained assassins thriller The Killer Elite. Now Clive Owen has joined the cast.... Read more

Jason Statham embraces 'Killer Elite'

Jason Statham will star in the $40 million action thriller "The Killer Elite." Pic will be helmed by commercials director Gary McKendry. It's based on Ranulph Fiennes' bestseller "The Feathermen."... Read more