Hope Davis

Monday, March 23, 1964
Birth Place: 
Englewood, New Jersey, USA

Graduated from Tenafly High School, Tenafly, New Jersey where she began her acting career.


In Treatment: Season Two

Paul finds himself facing a lawsuit from the estate of a deceased patient as well as discovering that maybe his passion for the job is faltering in season two of the HBO series In Treatment. What more can you say to describe the show but that it’s a view into the world of psychotherapy.... Read more

The Lodger

Joe & Ellen Bunting have a rocky marriage and after the loss of their child Ellen has been taking pills in attempts to deal with it. To make ends meet they have their guest house up for rent and Ellen actually able to find a tenant while Joe is at work.... Read more

Arlington Road (BLU-RAY)

As I said in one of the reviews above, eventually (I hope) all movies need to come out on the format but the choices of back catalog by some studios surprises me.  I have always been a fan of this movie but It would never cross my mind as a movie to release on BD, at least not for a while.... Read more


Catherine (Paltrow) has cared for her brilliant mathematician father for years when he mentally started to drift away. After his death though, Catherine finds herself in the middle of a world that she no longer has complete control over.... Read more