Peter Farrelly

Birth Name: 
Peter John Farrelly
Monday, December 17, 1956
Birth Place: 
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA

Peter John Farrelly (born December 17, 1956) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer and novelist. The Farrelly brothers are mostly famous for directing and producing gross-out humor romantic comedy films such as Dumb and Dumber, [Shallow Hal], Me, Myself and Irene, There's Something About Mary and the 2007 remake of The Heartbreak Kid. (Wikipedia)


The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges were famously known for their humorous slapstick style shorts that began in the mid 1920’s and still to this day are popular among comedy fans. Moe, Larry, Curly always managed to get a laugh, whether they fighting with each other or trying to fix something.... Read more

Hall Pass

After being married for years, Rick (Wilson) and Fred (Sudeikis) are still the same men they were before they got married, acting like they still live in the college frat house rather than taking care of their own families.... Read more

There's Something About Mary (BLU-RAY)

When I first saw this movie, I wasn't all that impressed.  I was yet to be introduced to the comedic stylings of the Farrelly Brothers and all I was hearing is that this was the funniest movie ever made.  That...it's not, but it's still pretty damn funny after re-watching it.... Read more

Me Myself & Irene (BLU-RAY)

In my opinion, Me Myself & Irene is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen but I am also a pretty big Jim Carrey fan.  If you are not a fan of Carrey or the Farrelly brothers then this movie is CERTAINLY, by no stretch of the imagination, for you.... Read more

The Heartbreak Kid (HD-DVD)

Unfortunately for Farrelly Brothers fans, this reteaming with Ben Stiller leans more toward the brothers’ Say It Isn’t So rather than There’s Something About Mary.  It has a handful of genuinely funny parts but is overall more forgettable than anything.  In fact, I almost just started writing a r... Read more