Timothy Hutton

Birth Name: 
Timothy Tarquin Hutton
Tuesday, August 16, 1960
Birth Place: 
Malibu, California, USA

Timothy Hutton set Hollywood ablaze when he burst onto the acting scene in the early 1980s. After only a small number of significant roles in TV movies, he bagged the part of Conrad in the Robert Redford-directed Ordinary People (1980). His convincing - and touching - performance as the troubled and self-accusing teenager trying to deal with the death of his older brother, won him an Academy Award. He is, to date, the youngest actor to receive an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (1980).

With over 70 film, TV, and stage appearances (including an impressive 15 features films between 2006-08), Tim Hutton is (of 2008) headlining the hit TV series "Leverage" (2008) as insurance investigator Nate Ford. He also starred in the acclaimed Roman Polanski film The Ghost Writer (2010).

Tim made his Broadway debut in 1989 in the A.R. Gurney play 'Love Letters'. (IMDb)

Awards and Nominations

1981 - Won - Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Ordinary People)


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