Athena: Goddess of War

TV Show
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Running Time: 
117 minutes

 I had a lot of issue getting synched up with Athena Goddess of War. For one, Athena is a spin-off series which sprung from a previous Korean drama series titled Iris. The two worlds are interlocking, and maybe, if I had seen Iris I could have had more of a grasp on the plethora of characters that flip flop on either side of justice through the entire series. Secondly, too many characters, too many organizations within the world of Athena, and too many locations. I spent half the time trying to keep up with all that was going on- Kidnappings, rescues followed by more kidnapping, gun fights, love affairs, espionage, mutiny, betrayal’s, jealousy, more gun fights. To make matters worse the English dub doesn’t exactly follow the original script to the text and even if it did, the soundtrack on the English dub end is constantly swallowed by the intense action and music. I had to run the subs just to keep up when dialogue got lost in the mix.