Continuum: Season 3

TV Show
The Present Unfolds. The Future Unravels. The Rest is History
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Running Time: 
572 minutes

Kiera (played by Rachel Nichols) has now been in the past/current timeline for a few years now and her mission still remains the same, get back to her timeline in the future. While her relationship with officer Carlos (played by Victor Webster) and tech guru Alec (played by Erik Knudsen) has grown stronger since her first meeting with them, it will all come undone when both her and Alec travel through time to the past. Now there are doubles of Kiera and Alec walking around, them from the future and them from a few weeks back, and now that they are there in the same time line, they must avoid themselves. Only Kiera is found dead and now Carlos can't trust Kiera and with the future Alec there in the past Kiera can't trust him. While trying to come to terms with their odd and complicated relationships, there is still the cult group that is also from the future, Liber8, that is still causing riots that plague not only local areas but the world. Students that just want their voices to be heard are being attacked by police that leads to the death of a girl who is being tagged as a terrorist but is really just a young girl who wants to be treated fairly. Life for Kiera is only growing worse in this past timeline and it will take everything she has to make in through each day.