Masters of Sex

TV Show
Do it. For science.
Regular Air Date: 
Sundays @10PM ET
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Running Time: 
55 minutes

In the late years of the 50's sex was something that was not talked about in public or by proper people and was only to be between a husband and wife. It was also a subject that people liked but as a practice might not know as much about it as they would like to. That is until Dr. William Masters (played by Michael Sheen) begins a study into human sexuality with the help of Virginia Johnson (played by Lizzie Caplan), his secretary/associate. While Dr. Masters and Virginia try to conduct their study on sex, they must also deal with budding feelings for each other without them getting in the way of everything else in in their lives. Though with the prude views of society in the 50's, Dr. Masters study runs the risk of being shut down by his boss Barton Scully (played by Beau Bridges) before he can get it fully going. With his wife Libby (played by Caitlin Fitzgerald) at home trying to get pregnant, a protege at work giving him trouble, and his own personal problems, Dr. Masters runs the risk of losing everything by doing this study or gaining everything.