Shark Tank

TV Show
Air Date: 
Friday, September 26, 2014
Regular Air Date: 
Fridays @ 8PM ET
Running Time: 
42 minutes

If you see the title and don't know about the show at this point, Shark Tank has nothing to do with the fish but the hosts of the show can be just a vicious as those pointy teeth swimmers. They are rich, they are business smart, their even savvy, and could be considered famous but what they are not are push overs. If you have a idea for a product or business or maybe you already have one but you need some extra money to go from small town/online company to becoming a multi-million dollar corporation, the sharks will be the people you talk to. They listen your ideas, consider what your pitch is, then they will decide if they will give you money or pass on the idea. However, if you don't come prepared or your idea isn't as good as you think, these people will not only bare their teeth but they will take a bite out of your ego.