Ultimate Survival Alaska: Season 3 Premiere

TV Show
May the best team survive.
Air Date: 
Sunday, January 4, 2015
Regular Air Date: 
Sundays @ 9 PM ET
Running Time: 
88 minutes

It's human vs Mother Nature as 4 teams of 3 people go against each other for the hardest competition around. Can these survivalists be able to survive some of the most grueling and dangerous lands in the world? Each team will trek across some of the toughest terrains that can be put in front of them to find out who is the toughest of them around. Having to deal with below freezing temperatures, glaciers, cracks in the Earth that seem to be bottomless, frozen waters, and so many more deadly obstacles that it could be the death of one or all of them. Going out in the wilds of Alaska will tests these survivalists where they are no longer the rulers of the land, the land is the ruler and now with a wrong step they could die or even become the dinner of a wild animal in season 3 of Ultimate Survival Alaska.