What I Like About You

TV Show
On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Running Time: 
478 Minutes

In Milos Forman's Man On The Moon, a biopic about late great performer Andy Kaufman, Kaufman rejects a stint on the popular sitcom taxi, "Its just stupid jokes and canned laughter", he says.  What I Like About You happens to fall under that description hard. It's a formulated experience filled with timed comedic responses (mostly forced) and a laugh track or audience trained to laugh when one of those Applause signs lights up. I sat there thinking to myself, "What was so funny?" The acting from character to character feels like this might possibly be the last chance at stardom for these folks and their doing the best they can with such terrible material. I mean how funny can one actor make a moose that drops M&M's out of its rear like feces seem funny. Lots of prop gags that seem appropriate for a 10 year old but for its time slot and age demographic this show seems to be stuck and there are plenty of reasons why.