Will & Grace

TV Show
On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Running Time: 
410 minutes

So you are a fan of Will & Grace and couldn’t afford or didn’t want to pay the $30 or $40 a season. Well they are offering “Best Of” releases for around $20 for 16 episodes. These episodes are all based around relationships (which I thought most of the series was based on). There are episodes from all different seasons so you will get a good mix; but if you haven’t seen all the complete seasons or skipped some towards the end then there might be some new people around, old people missing, or just different things going on that you will not know why. I did find it odd that they only put part one of “Cheaters” on here seeing that they did include the second part to several other episodes. Luckily you will not need it as there is enough closure to the episode but it would have been nice. Bonus features are weak. Alright if you want just a taste of “Will & Grace”; but pointless if you already own the series.