XIII: The Series

TV Show
On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Running Time: 
44 minutes

After being betrayed by his country and those closest to him, Agent XIII (Stuart Townsend, Queen of the Damned) finds himself swept up in a resistance movement as he tries to figure out what his new place in the world will be. His life is thrown into further chaos when someone who looks exactly like him starts to carry out domestic terrorist attacks in his name. While XIII struggles to figure out who this mysterious double is, he uncovers an international arms race to develop a weapon capable of dealing catastrophic damage across the globe. As deceptions and conspiracies come to a head, the US government begins to crumble. In the end, the most wanted ex-agent in the world might be the one man capable of saving the country. The action never stops in this thrill-ride series from the producer of Lost Girl!