Skechers Shape-Ups SUPER BOWL Ad

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Be one of the first to preview SKECHERS’ FIRST EVER Super Bowl ad featuring testimonials by real consumers and Super Bowl legend Joe Montana.  It is fitting that SKECHERS’ first ad aired during the coveted Super Bowl slot be for its popular Shape-Ups athletic shoe and endorsed by an NFL Hall of Fame player.  The shoe promoting weight loss, firm calf and butt muscles and improved strength and posture, has received thousands of testimonials heralding its positive overall body effects for consumers.  For that very reason, Skechers is choosing to let the shoe and consumer speak for itself in the ad.  Sunday will also be the rollout of where fans of the shoe across the country can view additional Shape-Up stories and videos and have the opportunity to create and share their own story. 

“I spent 16 years on a football field — it was an amazing time, but also pushed my body to its limit. Since I started walking in Shape-ups, I have noticed an improvement in my core strength, and the pressure on my back and knees has eased,” Joe Montana