>> DC Direct figures and Ultimate Avengers not taking up enough space

DC Direct figures and Ultimate Avengers not taking up enough space

It’s looking like this blog will mainly be about the Ultimate Universe of Marvel. Though who knows what I might on by the time I get going on this, I might end up talking about the new toys coming out by DC Direct. Ok so I probably will talk about those toys, in fact I know for a fact that I will cause that’s what I’m going to start this blog with, DC Direct toys.
If you don’t know about DC Direct they do some of the best figures based off of the DC Comics line that’s out there today. I’ve bought a few but not many and the ones I have are of Harley Quinn.
Those that I have are these two.


Now coming out next week there is a new Harley Quinn Statue, though I do want it and thought about buying it, at $100 I think I have to make a pass on it. However she does look really great.


But DC Direct does a whole lot more than just Harley Quinn, she’s just the one I like the most if you don’t know that by now. Here’s a Green Lantern set that is really cool for $45.

There’s so many that I can’t list them all here but here are a few that they do figures/statues from.
War Of Warcraft
God Of War
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Mass Effect
And so many more that can all be seen here at the site. www.dccomics.com/dcdirect/

But as I started to start this off I wanted to talk some about the newest Ultimate comics that are out. Right now I just finished reading issue 3 of Ultimate Avengers 3 and I got to say it’s being pretty brutal but I’m not liking the format of it.
The plot of the series is that vampires are taking over and have now started to bite the heroes. So far one Daredevil has been killed by them and the new Daredevil of a kid who was going to replace the old Daredevil has also been bit turning him into a vampire. Then there’s the Nerd Hulk, who is a clone of Bruce Banner who went out cause he wanted to get out because Fury was keeping him locked up and guess what? Yep, he got bit and now he’s a vampire.

Now while out looking for the Hulk the other Avengers and Fury end up in a sewer where an army of vampires is being led by Iron Man, or it at least seems that way. On the last page of issue 2 Captain America was bit by Daredevil. Now with issue 3 it picks up with him being bit and the rest of the team having to fight vampire Iron Man, Hulk, and the rest of the vampire army.
So my problem with this comic are these. First the size of the drawings and the boxes. They’re huge, taking up a lot more space making it the amount of work put in the comic smaller and shorter. To prove my point I’ve taken a photo of a page from issue 3 of Ultimate Avengers 3 alongside a page from Essential The Amazing Spider-Man to show how the pages of older comics contained 6 to 9 boxes a page compared to today’s comics of 1 to 5 boxes a page (with some of the boxes containing only one bubble of dialog or none at all).

Not only that but the total amount of pages of the actual comic, the parts that you read that has the characters, not the ads or the opening page that gives the previously info, there’s only 22. Of those 22, 4 pages are splash pages, meaning full page art work. There’s also 5 pages that are only containing 3 boxes of art work. Out of the 22 pages there are 7 pages that only contain either no dialog or only one bubble of dialog. Last of all, out of the 22 pages that are actual pages that have enough of a dialog that explains something, has something going on, and has more than 2 boxes of art work, comes down to only 4 pages.
With a cover price of $3.99 the numbers of 22 pages with only 4 real pages of story and art, and the rest basically being filler, it’s not good at all. The older comics, even the comics from the 90’s use to take from 15 to 30 minutes for me to read. That’s not too fast for some people, I know one girl who can read a book in a day, but for me that’s around my normal speed. With today’s comics, including the Ultimate Avengers 3, it only took me about 5 minutes to read. That’s a huge difference. The only thing that has remained the same over the years is the amount of pages, which is typically 22 pages but when you consider how much was used to be packed in one page of the older comics compared to today, it’s almost double. So in those terms the older comics would really be 44 pages in today’s comics.
The second problem is that there seems to be a lot of filler for the issues. With this new issue most of it could have been done within a few pages and the story would have progressed the same amount as it does in 22 pages. Not only that but with issue 3, the ending was the same as the past issues, so how about something different.
Now before you think that I’m not happy or not liking these comics I want to let you know that I really do, that’s why I keep buying them. The artwork is amazing, and though the story can sometimes be condensed or speed up, the stories are still fun to read.
Like in Ultimate New Ultimates, Thor is being shown as an angry mad god. This seems more like the way he would be in real life than the happy I want to help all I can Thor. I mean come on he’s the god of thunder who is known for being the ultimate warrior of Asgard. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that he would be an angry guy that if pushed he would push back with some major force? And when mad he would just kill anyone that made him mad? He is a god after all so who does he have to answer to? Not the authority on Earth.
I’ve said it before and it looks like I’m going to be saying it for a while longer, the Ultimate line is packed with some major violence that makes for a great read.

DC Direct Official Site: www.dccomics.com/dcdirect/

Marvel Comics Official Site: www.marvel.com


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