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DC Comics September Release Dates for the New 52 #1's and Talk on War of the Green Lanterns


It’s finally started, not that it was really that long of a wait, the 52 new #1’s of the DC titles have begun coming out. So far the ones out.
*Justice League with a cover cost of $3.99 and came out on August 31, was the first to come out and if you didn’t get your copy when it did come out you have the choice of either paying between $8-$260 for a copy of the first print. Now granted the higher prices are for the variant covers and the rare 1 in 200 covers and at comic shops they are not going to go for the low end but you could probably find on if you are lucky for around $25.

Now the longer list, the titles that came out on September 7
· Action Comics #1 3.99 – This is the one that features a Superman that is wearing a t-shirt, blue jeans, boots, and what looks like a cape that would fit on a 10 year old. It’s also one that first featured Superman way back in 1938 and since that time it has been printing the story of Superman with the continuous numbering until now.


Animal Man #1 2.99
· Batgirl #1 2.99 – Cover on this features a Batgirl that has red hair, now since I have yet to read it I don’t know if she is Barbara or not, can’t wait to find out though


Batwing #1 2.99
· Detective Comics #1 2.99 – Another one that is the first time that it has ever been started over again, so this is one that is the tough one to find.

Green Arrow #1 2.99
· Hawk And Dove #1 2.99
· Justice League International #1 2.99
· Men Of War #1 3.99
· Omac #1 2.99
· Static Shock #1 2.99
· Stormwatch #1 2.99
· Swamp Thing #1 2.99The titles released on September 14.
· Batman And Robin #1 2.99 – Got it but don’t get why it was given a new number 1 considering this title just started about 2 years ago and was only on issue 25 when it ended.
· Batwoman #1 2.99 – She’s the newest to the family and is not really working with them, at least she wasn’t when I was reading her in previous stories, this one she might be but I haven’t read it yet so don’t know yet.


 Deathstroke #1 2.99
· Demon Knights #1 2.99
· Frankenstein Agent Of Shade #1 2.99
· Green Lantern #1 2.99 – This is the one that I’m looking forward to reading, if you don’t know by the cover, Sinestro is back to bearing a Green Lantern ring. The way that the previous title ended, well I’ll talk about that after this list.

· Grifter #1 2.99 2.24
· Legion Lost #1 2.99
· Mister Terrific #1 2.99
· Red Lanterns #1 2.99 – It has Red Lanterns on it, how can I resist getting this one.

· Resurrection Man #1 2.99
· Suicide Squad #1 2.99
· Superboy #1 2.99And now for the next 2 weeks of the releases for September.
· September 21st
· Batman #1 2.99 – This one I’m getting and is another one of the first time for it to be started over with a new numbering, so if you want it you better go out and get it cause now you know the release date.
· Birds Of Prey #1 2.99
· Blue Beetle #1 2.99
· Captain Atom #1 2.99
· Catwoman #1 2.99 – A new Catwoman title, always liked this character, so here’s to hoping for a good story line with the new title.
· Dc Universe Presents #1 2.99
· Green Lantern Corps #1 2.99
· Legion Of Super Heroes #1 2.99
· Nightwing #1 2.99

· Red Hood And The Outlaws #1 2.99
· Supergirl #1 2.99
· Wonder Woman #1 2.99
· September 28th
· All Star Western #1 3.99
· Aquaman #1 2.99
· Batman The Dark Knight #1 2.99 -
· Blackhawks #1 2.99
· Flash #1 2.99

· Fury Of Firestorm #1 2.99
· Green Lantern New Guardians #1 2.99 – This one the title alone has me interested, not because of the Green Lantern part but the New Guardians part.

· I Vampire #1 2.99
· Justice League Dark #1 2.99
· Savage Hawkman #1 2.99
· Superman #1 2.99
· Teen Titans #1 2.99
· Voodoo #1 2.99So there you have it, the new list of all 52 of the #1’s titles that come out this month. That’s all of them folks, all in the month of September, at least as long as nothing holds them back. I would like to get all of them because I’m both a comic nut that would love to have them to read as well as being a collector and a lot of these will become ones to have, like Action Comics and Detective Comics. Which I already have but some I would just like having.
Anyways, they will all be released this month and if you want some you better start going out to your dealers today, for the ones that have already come out that is because if you don’t have them you most likely won’t get them without shelling out a few extra bucks for them. But with this list you know that if you want the upcoming ones in the next 2 weeks you know the days to go out and it would be best to get there early and if you live in a big city like Atlanta or New York, well get there as soon as the shop opens.

Now I was going to talk about a few of the titles that have just ended and what’s been going on in them. Main one that I want to talk about is the Green Lantern titles. Right after the events that took place with Blackest Night the police force of the cosmos are now at war with themselves. Krona, the renegade Guardian, has taken control of the entities that give power to the lanterns and is using them to control the Guardians. As well as doing that, Parallax has went back into the main power battery that gives every ring in the Corps their power. Because he is back in the battery he has taken control of all the Green Lanterns, except for the Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kilowog, Kyle Rayner, and Ganthet, who were once possessed by Parallax so they were able to resist the rings influence and took them off.

The story was pretty good, normal stuff really, the bad guys control the good guys to fight the good guys, the good guys figure out a way to stop the bad guys. However, one thing happened in this that I just didn’t like. The killing of Mogo the living planet. Mogo’s role in the Corps was to help with the problems of Green Lanterns as well as being the heart of the Corp by sending out the rings. Because he was being controlled by Parallax as well he was sending out thousands of rings to anyone and everyone and then turning them into killers. To stop this John Stewart goes up to Mogo and blows him up. This seemed like a rash decision to make for such a great character but it does cause a controversy in the story. It’s got me not liking it and talking about it here.

Another aspect that happen during the War of the Green Lanterns is that Hal Jordan was doing his normal thing, going out trying to figure out what was the cause of the problem happening and how to stop it but not telling the Guardians what he was doing. Because of him doing this and doing it with the help of sworn enemies to the Corps, the Guardians have fired Hal from being a Green Lantern and sent him back to Earth. Not only that but a ring has made it’s way onto the finger of Sinestro and has once again made him a Green Lantern. Now I don’t know what’s going on with this story, it was at the end of the title before it ended and all that was said in it was having him going in a room with the Guardians for them to decide what to do with him. Now with the new title just come out and him on the cover I’m guessing he’s going to be part of the team for a little while, good stories to be told there I see.

Ok, this one wasn’t supposed to be this long and I just wanted it to be about the release dates of the new #1’s but here it is, me talking, big surprise there. Once I’ve read the new #1’s I will talk about them and what I think of them, that should be soon, but first I want to finish a few of the titles that lead into them first.