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By Lee Roberts

Some News in Comic World and 2 Lists of Super Powers That Are Cool

Alright, I’m not here to promote other products but this is cool because it involves comics, the new Kindle Fire that’s about to come out. DC Entertainment has made a deal with Amazon that will have 100 of DC’s graphic novels to be used on the new Kindle Fire. It always pleases me when I hear this sort of news because it means comics are still going strong. With the new tech that’s coming out where everything now is going to handheld devices and now those touch pads, I stay in constant wonderment about how much longer will the printed form of comics has left in the world. I’m hoping it won’t go away in my time completely but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. For me I prefer the printed format but I also like the digital form as well. I read digital comics about same amount that I do with printed so having a new format coming out is always good. Now I just hope that it will look as good as the pictures make it look.


Another bit of news, for those that missed this blog that I did about DC Comics 52 first issues.


Well, if you didn’t get any of the first issues that came out this month well then have fun trying to find any and if you do they won’t be cheap. I say this because DC Comics sold out of every single one of the first issues. Now this ain’t too surprising when it comes to the titles like Action and Detective, titles that haven’t ever had a renumbering in all the many years it’s been out, them selling out was pretty much guaranteed. The other big hitters like other Batman titles, Superman titles, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, all those big time ones sure, but ones like Swamp Thing and Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Animal Man, Resurrection Man (who is Resurrection Man by the way), Storm Watch, Men of War, and others cause there was, get this, 52 titles, and not all can be about Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. Which is why all of them selling out is proof that collectors will buy it just because it’s put with other collectables. I say this because characters like Swamp Thing has had his own title restarted many times over the years so having it get yet another number 1 issue is no big deal. Sure all characters have had their fair share of new titles but for ones like Detective Comics and Action comics that’s never restarted it’s a big deal, for Green Lantern, well it’s a novelty but nothing new and I would bet it won’t be worth much of anything 30 years from now. By the way, if you didn’t get any of them and you don’t care about having them to collect for the first printing, DC Comics are doing a 2nd printing of all of them, so just go to you’re local comic shop and ask about them.

Lets face it, everyone likes a top 10 list. They’re simple format brings on emotions galore, with the feeling of being a part of something as we agree with part of the list or the feeling of thinking whoever made the list must be some sort of huge moron that has their head in a stinky body hole for making such a stupid point. Lists are quick to read, they get the point made with minimal use of space but gives just enough detail to let the point be know, and they are just a lot of fun. So, in the spirit of the list I’m making my list here in this weeks blog.

5: Telepathy – This one is cool if you are Emma Frost or Professor X but come on this is one of the lesser of powers. Sure if you are on the power level of the Prof or White Queen you can control people and even talk to them in their heads from far away but what happens if you get hit or just sneeze? This power can be cool but overall it can be easily countered by little things, some cold medicine could put a stop to the power, if you had to stayed focused on the person you were using the powers on all it would take is for someone to hit you in the face with some pepper spray and from that little can you have been taken out. So yeah, cool but can easily be stopped.

4: Flight – Another that would so completely cool to have but might not be the best power to have. It would serve to get you around places and depending on the speed you can get up to while in flight you might be able to get there really fast but how would it be useful in a fight? Lets go with the telepathy power first, lets even say it’s someone that just have enough power level to make a person stop thinking, well poof there you go falling out of the sky, power of flight taken out. Here’s another way, a bird, yep a simple bird that just flies in front of you, with no invulnerability a smack in the face by a bird going even 30mph would hurt a lot and that could mean the end of you if you’re flying around above 20 feet. Still, being able to fly around would be really very cool to do and you get to wear a cape.

3: Unbreakable Skin – this one is one that has always made me think because usually it’s always used where the character can’t be hurt at all. Like being shot, ok the bullet don’t go in the body, but it still has a impact on the body, same as when the police wear the bullet proof vests, well it don’t go in the body but even with the vest stopping the bullet it still can hurt the person wearing the vest. Now this one would be cool to have cause think about it, you could do so much without worrying about getting cut, having a crash on a motorcycle would leave you with no road rash, and you would be the master of that knife stabbing between fingers game. But what use would this really serve? Maybe you could be a good cop with no worry of being shot or even in the military or working with sharks, but fighting bad guys, well the telepath could easily take you out and the flight could take you way up in the sky and drop you, your skin might not break but you still going to have some problems like brain damage once you land.

2: Speed – this one is kind of similar to flight, it would be really cool to have, especially if you can run at like a thousand miles an hour, going on long distance trips would be nothing. Running fast might be useful in the Olympics but as a crime fighter, well if your going up against someone like a street thug then you could run at high speeds to knock them out but what if you are going against someone with invulnerability then it wouldn’t matter how fast you were going when you hit them it wouldn’t do anything to them. So unless you plan on being a messenger or running across the water I can’t see much use in this power other than it being fun. Oh and watch out for deer.

And now for the number 1 cool super power that serves the least amount possible of use.
1: Underwater Breathing – This is one I would love to have, I can’t swim and I would love to be able to do so without having that pesky burden of death hanging over me. This gets ranked no. 1 because it does nothing against crime. So what you can swim underwater, unless you are equipped with some ray gun or you have other powers then all you can be sure of is not drowning. Does the breathing ability also cover being able to go to deep sea depths? Cause if not then you’ll be crushed, breathing or not. Also what if you can only breath but still have normal body, that means normal speed rate when swimming, so a shark could easily take you out, even a whale. This would be a really cool power just for the fact that so much of the world is covered in water and being able to explore it without a tank strapped to your back would be a lot of fun, but well it’s not going to be much use beyond that.Alright, now for the other side of that list.

5: Phasing – Yep this one makes the list because it’s cool and would work. Think about it you could get into anything and get out of anywhere. Want to be the bad guy? Well no cuffs will hold you. Want to be the good guy? Well nothing can touch you so go beat up that bad guy or just phase them and get them stuck somewhere until the stronger hero comes up to knock them out. What makes this so cool, like I said you can get in anywhere and out of anywhere, you can’t get hurt as long as you’re phased, and well sometimes I would just like to be able to walk through a wall.

4: Super Genius – ok so this one might not technically be a superpower for some but it can be and because it can be that makes it appear on the list. This one is cool because well in the real world or any other world, if you’re smart enough you can do a lot, if you’re super genius smart then you can take over the world, that is if you want to be the bad guy. Good guy could build anything that would be able to stop that bad guy, plus help cure the sick, figure out problems that would help people and the world, and just know how to fix that hard drive that stopped working for some reason when it had worked the last time you used it. Being smart means the world is yours for the taking, good and bad.

3: Super Fast Healing – Now this one is a tough one and usually ranks within the top 3 for me as coolest and most useful powers to have. If you can heal from any wound within seconds to mere minutes then you could do anything you wanted to do without any fear. That means you could fight anyone you wanted to without worry cause well you know, you’ll heal. I’m also guessing that this will let you live for quite some time because your cells and body is not going to break down as quickly over time, giving you a long life and getting to experience a lot and see a lot.

2: Super Strength – From just the peak level of a human to the levels of Superman, being super strong would be really cool and help out in a lot of ways. Fights would go down a lot easier when being able to punch through steel and with being so strong it would be tougher to hurt you because you have more muscle mass to get through. This could help out from you being able to stop a run away train from hitting another train or those times you can’t get that one nut to come off that last bolt, being strong enough to do it would be cool and well easy way to show off to all the girls.

Annnnnddddd number 1 is……. Invulnerability – Oh yeah, this one is super cool super power. This is the golden ticket power, why? Because you can’t be hurt by anything! Unbreakable skin you say? Bones, brains, blood, or biting the tongue, all can be done cause the inside is not your skin. When the outside and inside can’t be hurt or damaged, by anything, then well go have fun. Go play with that sword, no worries you won’t be cut, or how about going skydiving? Yep don’t need no stinking chute. It works against crime cause nothing can hurt you so just keep walking until you reach the bad guy and smack’em with a bat. How about being a true hero like a firefighter? No problem with just running into the fires that are too hot to help out when you can. Being able to not be hurt could lead to a lot of fun, and I’m thinking a zombie would have a hard time turning you when it can’t bite you.

And that’s 2 of my lists.