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By Lee Roberts

Comic Books on the Small Screen Character of Week 21

The last 10 years have been good for movies and television shows based off of comic books and with the huge outcome of the Avengers movie there’s bound to be more coming out. Right now there have already been some in the works as well as some that have been talked about. As big of a fan as I am of comic books there’s some ideas that would be great for TV, some that could be, and one that shouldn’t be made for TV. I’ll start with the first idea that shouldn’t be made into a show.
1) The Punisher. The Fox Network said that they were going to do a series based on the Marvel character Punisher where it centered on Frank Castle as a cop during the day and the Punisher at night. What he would be doing is going out during the day as a cop but when he would get off work he would go out as a vigilante to take down the criminals that the justice system didn’t or couldn’t do anything about. Right off this screams horrible idea. This is the Punisher not Daredevil! Frank Castle is a character that’s on the edge of being just as bad as the criminals he takes down. He’s violent, he kills, and this wouldn’t work. In fact remember the first Punisher movie? The one with Dolph Lundgren, where he was a version of Frank Castle that beat up the bad guys while trying to act all tough. In the market today of shows barely making it past 5 episodes, this version of the Punisher wouldn’t even get up to 3. Though last I heard the show was shelved before it began.

2) The Incredible Hulk. I’m still trying to learn more about this show because I’m a fan of the Hulk, all the shows and movies (yes including the Ang Lee movie) so getting a new series would be awesome. What I do know is that it would be on ABC and that Guillermo del Toro would be producer on it. Now depending on how this works out, if the show idea gets enough good press it will get made into a pilot, then if that works it possibly could become a series. What this could mean is if the show does good then if it’s decided that a movie is going to made it might be postponed until after the first season of the show, which means at least 2-5 years from now. Worse yet, if the show flops, idea or the actual show, then there might not be another movie made.

3) Arrow. This is the new CW show about Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen. It will debut in this falls lineup for Wednesday night. How will the show be? Well, the shows plot is about him coming back to Starling City (not Star City but close) after being stranded on an island for 5 years. While he copes with being back in the city, once again have the billions of dollars, he will also be going about being the Green Arrow. The actor that played Oliver Queen on Smallville Justin Hartley is not going to be this version of the Green Arrow. The actor Stephen Amell will be the new Green Arrow and since I don’t recall ever seeing anything with him in it I’m just going to have to wait to know what he will do with this character. 

 Here’s the promo video for the show though.

A few other tidbits coming down the pipeline for new comic book based movies deals with sequels. This one is the one that makes me worry, that Joss Whedon has stated that he’s undecided about doing the Avengers 2. Being a fan of his writing, his shows, and now a huge fan of what he did with the Avengers I can’t see how anyone else would ever do better than him with the writing and directing of the Avengers 2. The other sequel is Sin City 2 that’s set to come out October 2013. I liked the first one, it’s a really good movie, and there’s been talk of doing a second one since the release of the first in 2005. Nearly 8 years is a long wait for this movie that what I’m thinking is that the people that don’t know the comics that only went to the first movie because of it being a movie might not be as interested in this second one. A good point though to keep in mind is that Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez will be directing this one as well so there is some hop of it being good.

A bit more news that has me happy because I just downloaded the free game of DC Universe Online is about the Joker and Harley Quinn. For fans of Mark Hamill being the voice of the Joker this is big news because he said he was finished with doing the voice but now he’s back. It’s a downloadable pack called “The Last Laugh” that features Mark Hamill as the Joker and my favorite and true Harley Quinn, Arleen Sorkin back again for the voice of Harley Quinn. Now I haven’t played the game, when I said I just downloaded the game I actually just did and until I’m put at ease with knowing 100% that I won’t have to spend any money to play the game will I play it. Now the download for “The Last Laugh” won’t be free, right now I haven’t found a listed price but considering the majority of the add ons for the game are $9.99 I would guess this one will be the same.



This guy is a very cool character because I never know what to expect to get from him. Well, ok we know he’s evil but he’s also doing acts that depending on how you look at it aren’t so evil as misguided. He wants to protect the universe from actual evil but where as Hal Jordan will fight the evil and then put them in a cell on Oa, Sinestro has no problem with killing someone. In fact he does it all the time, which is one of the reasons he is considered evil, that and he created the Sinestro Corps to kill all the Green Lanterns. With all that Sinestro has done over the years, the fact alone of creating a whole new Lantern Corps, ones that can actually go head to head with the Green Lanterns, is a major thing to do. Plus he’s just so good at being a Green Lantern that even as good as Hal Jordan is he still has things to learn from Sinestro. It’s also works in his favor that he’s the character that we want to see going back to being a hero but we like as a villain.