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By Lee Roberts

Wolverine Has 3 Months to Die Spider-Man 2099 Is Really 2014 And There Be Turtles of The Mutant Ninja Kind

It's been teased, talked, about, there's alternate universes that already have it reality, and we've had the future shown where it's true but can Marvel or will Marvel kill off one of their most popular characters? 3 Months to Die sure seems to lead to the idea that they intend to do just that with Wolverine.

Considering that Logan's current condition puts him in no better level as a normal human, aside from the adamantium skeleton, he has no advantage when it comes to injuries. His healing factor is gone due to a mean virus that changed his dna and the superpowered community knows this fact.

They've now put Wolverine in some armor like suit to help protect him and he now uses guns, a lot. He's become a little more thought out when going into a fight, left some other teams, and is trying to get more help from other heroes all so that he don't get killed. There's a few issues I have with the way this is being handled, but let me first say yes I know that he has had a long history of killing and making a lot of people very angry with him and want to see him dead. So it kind of stands to reason that there will be people looking to kill him but on a every day outing, this is the kind of thing that these heroes do so what makes him different than the others? Sure Cyclops is a great fighter, he can shoot energy out of his eyes that can topple buildings, and he is strong, but would that protect him against death? No. Everyday items from having his head blown off by Deadpool or not seeing that first step that causes him to tumble down the steps to break his neck at the bottom, anything can hurt or kill him. This is true with pretty much the majority of the heroes and villains, but Logan is getting treated differently, as the case of showing him in armor and not wanting to go out to fight.

Anyways, I was rambling, that's not what I was wanting to talk about in this blog. What I did want to talk about was if Marvel will actually kill Wolverine at the end of 3 Months to Die? It's possible, after all they are just about to bring back Peter Parker after a little over a year of him being “dead”. They killed off Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America, so why not kill off Wolverine. It would be a big selling comic to kill the one hero that has always been considered as the only one that can't be killed. Well, one of the many that can't be killed it.


Miguel O'Hara or as he is now going by, Michael O'Mara, has been stuck in the past. Nope, not the past for us but the past for him which is the present time for the rest of the heroes but it's 86, well now 85 years, in the past for him. If you don't know what or who I'm talking about then let me tell you.
Spider-Man 2099.

The comic first came out in 1992, created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi for a set of comics called the 2099 line for Marvel. This was the only title that I liked of those 2099 books, I still have most of mine, where it was based in the future with the versions of super powered people in that time. Well, Miguel O'Hara is the Spider-Man of 2099 and back in Superior Spider-Man #17-#19 he was brought back to the present and stranded. He's since be popping up in the book trying to stop a dark future that he lives in from happening while working with Tiberius Stone, his grandfather. He works with Alchemax alongside his grandfather (yeah sounds kind of hilbillish) while he is stuck in the present.

Now that you got that little history lesson on Spider-Man 2099, the point of the blog was not to be that but to say that Marvel is going to release a new ongoing series for Spider-Man 2099 in July. Yep, he's still stuck in the present and he still has his mission to stop Alchemax from becoming that controlling force in his timeline. While he tries to make Tiberius Stone a better person in effort that he will raise his son, Miguel’s father, Tyler Stone, into a better man and thus preventing the bad future.
Here's my only problem with this idea, which being that Peter David the original writer of this character and comic has me comforted in thinking it might work out well, is that by preventing the future wouldn't that change him as well? If he was fighting as Spider-Man in the future because of what Alchemax does then by stopping the company from becoming what they are that would change the future in which he goes out as Spider-Man. I'm sure there's some loopholes and other theories that will not make this happen but there's still got to be some sort of paradox thing going on.

Though I have another thought as well. Who will he be? The title of the book, I'm betting, will be Spider-Man 2099 but he's not in 2099 anymore. He wasn't called Spider-Man 2099, when he went to fight crimes the villains didn't yell out, oh no it's Spider-Man 2099. He was Spider-Man, just in the year 2099, but now he's in the year 2014, so will he still call himself Spider-Man when Peter Parker will be Spider-Man once again? What name will Miguel or Michael be going by when he goes out in costume? Not only that but will Peter Parker remember him? Will, Miguel learn of the whole Doc Ock mind switch? Just so many questions but I like that Peter David is writing the book, I was sold on that alone.

At last there is a trailer for the new version and upcoming movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Michael Bay. First thing to know that it looks like a normal Michael Bay movie where there will be a lot of fights, lots of explosions, and at least one car chase scene. With that out of the way lets talk about the way the turtles look. We get the best look at Michelangelo aka Mikey or Mike, near the end of the trailer both Mikey and Leo appear, both looking very different than the Turtles I know. We get to see Mikey with and without his mask on, which kind of fits with his personality where he would be the first to take off his mask, then a mean looking Leo looking down on April.

As for the other two Turtles, Donnie and Raph, we don't get to see Donnies face really, a side view, a back view of his shell with some sort of tech backpack on and while he and Raph are sliding down in what looks like snow, it looks like Donnie has some sort of goggles on. Raph is not that great of a shot either but we see that it is him and it looks like they have him doing what he normally does, fight, though this is not a fight it's him getting thrown into a SUV and denting it quite well. There's no shot of Splinter but there is a side view of Shredders mask, which we also get to see Shredder without the mask on (who I won't tell you if you don't know already but if you know then there's no need in me telling you who he is). But I do have to wonder is it good that the face of Shredder is revealed so soon? I liked that in the original it took awhile to see what he looked like under the mask and now I already know. Then again that could be from a point in time before he is Shredder so then that means he might have a different look by the end of the movie. Well, lets hope this is a good movie with it being Michael Bay and Megan Fox but in the meantime, here's some pics I got screen grabs from the trailer of.