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By Lee Roberts

Archie Dies Bombshells Cover and Conspiracies Abound

He's been around since 1941, even though he does have a first and last name people will know who you mean by using just his first name, Archie, and at the age of 73 (really he's still only in early 20's) he will finally die.
That's right, that sentence says that Archibald "Archie" Andrews, the redheaded, freckle faced, goofy guy from Riverdale will make the ultimate sacrafice while saving a friend. Archie is a comic that most kids have read at one point that's a fun loving comic with stories about friendship, releationships, and just having fun. Archie is the guy that gives us goofy guys hope as we read about him always being having two very beautiful women wanting to date him, his friends are always cool, fun, and always has his back, he is always having grand adventures, and just living his life to the fullest. But in the title "Life With Archie" his adult life has been the stories being told but it will all come to an end in issue #36 wtih his death. Then with issue #37 the series will end as they explore the effects that his life and death had on all his friends and family.

Writer Paul Kupperberg will write the series says that this death is the natural thing to do with the character and comic. I'm not quite so sure about that, I mean does Archie realy have to die? Does this need to really happen? When it comes to the super-powered comics, having heroes, villains, and civilians getting killed/dying is something that should happen. They live in a world where they have extreme powers, they are always fighting each other, so having someone die is a very high possibility. Not that Archie don't live in a world where there are low risks at death but neither does he live in a world where he puts his life on the line every day. Why not Jughead, Betty, or Veronica? Any one of these three would have the same risks as Archie while also still having the stories of him having to live with the lose. But it's Archie and the comic will be coming out July 16, 2014 and yes I will be getting it.

Now I know that I complain some about variant covers that get put out by publishers but this is one set that I'm looking forward to (but don't worry I do have a few complaints). DC Comics will release variant covers for 20 of their titles of the women of DC as pin up girls. Or as they are calling them, Bombshells, modeled after their statue line, which I have the Harley Quinn (of course) and would like to have the Wonder Woman statue. So far I've only seen a few of the covers, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batgirl, and Detective Comics.
I have to say I'm really liking the look of these covers. I don't read Wonder Woman but I have already put down an order for the Wonder Woman #32 variant. Take a look at the covers that I can find so far.

And here's the complete list of titles that are getting the Bombshell treatment.

Action Comics #32
Detective Comics #32
Green Lantern #32
Batgirl #32
Batman #32
Green Lantern Corps #32
Justice League United #2
Superman/Wonder Woman #9
Batman and Ra's al Ghul #32
Batman/Superman #12
Batwoman #32
Harley Quinn #7
Justice League #32
Red Hood and the Outlaws #32
Wonder Woman #32
Aquaman #32
Catwoman #32
Justice League Dark #32
Superman #32
The Flash #32

And if you like the covers here are the statues. I'm more impressed with the Wonder Woman then I was with the Harley Quinn. I don't know what happened to the eyes but they make Harley look all crazy.

I just finished reading the 6 issue limited mini-series called X-Files Season 10 Conspiracy where it was centered on the trio of guys everyone loves, The Lone Gunmen. In this series the Lone Gunmen are sent a file that is so heavily encrypted that even their computers have a hard time getting them decrypted. Slowly they get the files open and find out that they are getting pages of files and newspaper clippings from the future, but is it real or just some big hoax?
Well that's the start of the story, giving the three men that believe everything is a conspiracy and the government is always behind it something that is from the future. This series attracted me for 3 reasons, 1) it's the X-Files, 2) it has the Lone Gunmen, and 3) they included other very famous and well known subjects that have a X-Files feel to them. Those subjects are the Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, and the Crow.

When I saw this announced and the titles that was going to be a part of it, to say I was excited would be a understatement. I was expecting the Lone Gunmen and Mulder to be having deal with all these different characters and seeing their reactions. What I got was one shots of the Lone Gunmen going from issue to issue meeting the characters, such as the Ghostbusters, and not really having much to do with them, and then the issue was over as they went on to the next clue.

Mulder wasn't hardly around, he didn't see any of the characters, the story was too quick with no explanation, and it ended in a very lame way. There are moments that it's good, I liked the Transformers issue the most, but it just didn't have a good point a to point b system. They get the files, they open one, oh look this is from the future in a town, lets go there, ok now we are here, look guys that fight ghosts, ok, well new clue, lets go there, issue 2, and so on. This read nothing like a X-Files but rather like a comic that wanted to do something, had too much, and just gave enough for an ending.