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By Lee Roberts

The Future Ends With 3D Covers and Affleck as Batman

 I'm not talking about the new weekly title that DC started publishing last week, May 7, 2014 (unless you count the free #0 issue that was published on Free Comic Book Day May 3, 2014), called The New 52 Futures End. I will get around to talking about that here in a few weeks after more issues are out but for now I want to talk about the new 3D cover that DC will be doing for all the titles. These will be coming out in September of 2014 and if you have a drop box or hold box, or whatever you shop calls it, to get these covers they are in this months Previews order form, so if you want them you better hurry cause the shops have to have them in soon.

My first concern, will this end up being like last years 3D covers with the villains month? If so is it even worth my time, effort, and money to try to get these covers if all that's going to happen is that some will be shipped in over abundance of while the ones I would want are short so only a few are out there and because of that the day they come out they are already 10 to 20 times the cover price? I'm going to guess that it won't be exactly like last year, this time it will be worse. I say that because last year the covers had villains on them but this year it's the heroes and considering that this is a story that is about the end of the DC Universe, it has a lot of people wanting to read it. I'm one of those people. I had dropped all but my Harley Quinn and core Batman titles, no more Superman, Batgirl, or any of the other many titles I was reading. Well, with this Futures End story I've come back to adding more titles on my list of DC. Well, at least the Futures End title and now I'm going to be adding these one shot issues as well, not all of them, but the main books.

Still, I'm wondering what will happen when these books are released and if they will be as cool as what I've seen online? There are a lot of very cool covers, one of Harley Quinn in the White House, one has Batman with the Riddler, Superman as a possible cyborg, Superman as dust/sand, Aquaman kneeling in chains, Hal Jordan getting pulled into the wall, and so many more. I haven't seen all but enough that I like the ones that I'm seeing. Still, will it be worth all the money that will be spent to get this titles?

I'm sure by now you've seen the photo of Ben Affleck in the Batman suit standing next to the new Batmobile.

Yep, that photo. As a photo this looks really cool and it looks like a tough Batman, which is not what I was expecting, don't think many people was. I'm glad that they have Affleck looking cool as Batman but this is only a photo and being as such, they can and probably did a lot of photoshopping as well as setting up that particular scene. Yeah it looks good but he's not moving in the photo so will it be as natural when he is? If this is the suit that is used for the movie then how will it look when he's moving? With it be stiff, will the suit bunch up because it's rubber or padded, or will they have it look like a real suit that moves with him? What about when he is just Bruce Wayne? Will Ben Affleck be the right size to pull of looking huge in the Batman suit when he's Bruce Wayne? I really do like the look of this though and the Batmobile looks really cool, at least of what I can see of it.