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By Lee Roberts

Jack Burton Takes Care Of Big Trouble and Some Comics To Look For

If you don't know that quote, it's from Jack Burton. Don't know who Jack Burton is? Well, then on June 4, 2014 go to your local comic book shop to pick up issue #1 of Big Trouble in Little China. Yes, they really did and finally made a comic adaptation of the 1986 movie that starred Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall. If you haven't seen this movie then you really need to because it is one of the great 80's flicks and one of Russells best movies. It has it all, a story, mystery, damsel in distress, martial arts, some people that look like they belong in Mortal Kombat, and even romance.

Such a cult classic movie, one that I've loved since seeing it for the first time as a kid, I'm pretty excited about reading this comic version of it. I've been avoiding adding new titles to my list because of just how many I already read and I need to save some money for Dragon Con. However, this is Big Trouble in Little China with Jack Burton, of course I'm going to be picking it up. Better yet, the story will be by John Carpenter and Eric Powell so it should be just like the movie was or even better since they will be able to do so much more with the characters. Only problem, we don't get to see the young and very attractive Kim Cattrall in the comic, her character probably, but the real actress no and that's sad, however that's what the movie is for. So find a comic shop on June 4th and ask where they have the new Boom! comic Big Trouble in Little China on the racks. Oh, and if you like variant covers this one will have 4 of them that I know of.

Well, it's finally here, the days of warm (hot) weather, summer storms, but mostly it's the time of year that comics hit their middle ground. Some will have nothing much going on but some will be having new big story lines happening before the year starts to wind down. There are a few of them out there that have peaked my interest and I would think for other people as well. If now here's a few of them to keep an eye out for in the coming months.
Staring with issue #30, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have started their final act for the "Zero Year" story that's been running in the core Batman title. This is called the "Savage City" where the Riddler has taken control of Gotham, there's no way in or out without the Riddler knowing, and if the people left in Gotham wants the reign of the Riddler to end all they have to do is tell him a riddle that he can't solve. Considering that he's bested Batman twice so far I don't see this story ending that easily, unless it does come to an end with Batman finally telling the Riddler a riddle he just can't solve.

This one is going on right now actually in most of the Superman titles as well as a main title called Superman Doomed. If you can't guess, Doomsday has come back and of course he's fighting SUperman and other heroes. Crossing over into Superman/Wonder Woman, Action, and Superman, this one will run for a few issues, not many, but hopefully enough that we get a decent story out of it.

Another DC title that is going to have a following this Summer as it just started up a few weeks ago and is another weekly title for DC Comics. In this story we are supposed to be reading the end of the DC Universe. It has Batman (Terry McGinnis) going back in time to stop Brother Eye from turning the world into it's own cyborg world. It starts off being set 35 years in the future for Prime Earth but then when Terry goes back in time it's set only 5 years into the future of the current run of comics. It's going to run for a full year, so this is going to be going on for a while and will have 51 issues, it's said it's 11 months but it's a weekly title so that's 51 so maybe they have a special one shot end issue to make it a total of 52. Either way, the story should be fun but even with a $2.99 price tag, I will be waiting for this to come out in graphic novel form before I buy it.

Marvel just started this one up where someone has killed the Watcher. In true Marvel fashion they will have this crossing over into multiple titles as well as having a 8 issue limited series for it. If you missed out, you might want to check your comic shop just in case, but with issue #1 Marvel sent out a promo of a eyeball bouncing ball to give out with the comic. I have mine, cause I bought my issue #1, but they are supposed to be the eye of the Watcher, which that's one of the main threads to the story, "who has the Watcher's eye".

Ok so that's a few of the comics to watch out for but there's also some plots going on in the comics that are just interesting. They will run as a undercurrent right now in the books but they should turn into something more in the future. One such is what came at the end of the limited series Forever Evil that DC Comics just wrapped up. If you don't know the story, alternate versions of the Justice League come to the Prime Earth, take it over, the heroes are missing, and it will take the help of the villains to stop the world from being destroyed. When it does end, there is a big discovery of the identity of one hero by one of the major villains and I'm very interested in seeing how this will pan out in the future.

Another is over in my favorite title, Amazing Spider-Man, as we see that Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat, is on a revenge kick for what the Superior Spider-Man did to her. Only she believes it was Peter Parker, her Spider, that not only put in her jail but punched her in the face. I can't blame her there, that was not nice but it was Doc Ock doing it so nothing else could have been expected. But what will she doe to Peter? Will she learn that he wasn't the one at fault? Will she even care?

X-Men, which all these titles should be getting a push in sales with the release of the movie X-Men Days of Future Past and how good it is, but the title X-Men is what I'm talking about. This one centers more on the female members of the team, which I"m loving because it has Jubilee in it and she is one of my top five favorite X-Men characters but now she's a vampire and she has a baby named Shogo. That's not the part that's interesting, but it does involve the baby Shogo. Right now I don't know what will take place but it seems like the future where Shogo is no longer a baby, will have him being something major and to keep an eye on. I'm looking forward to finding out more about this kid and as a side note, more about the powers that Jubilee has as a vampire.

If you don't know the name Marco Rudy you should take note because this artist is amazing. I was first introduced to his work on the limited series, Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, where his artwork is not the typical comic style. Each page of his work contains what is needed to get the story across but he adds in style, art, and flair that's not seen too often in comics. He will be doing the artwork for the New Avengers Annual #1 set to come out this June (which starts this Sunday) where Doctor Strange will have to face ancient forces that are more powerful than he is. Even if the story itself ends up being bad, the artwork is enough to make me want this book.

Another one that I'm looking forward to is Savage Hulk #1 coming out in June also. Savage Hulk is the new on going title for the jade giant with a temper problem and it's also supposed to be in-continuity. Kicking off this new series will have the Hulk going up against the X-Men and from the looks of the artwork it looks like it will be the original X-Men. Though that has me thinking, is it in-continuity as far as it being these stories will have happened in the past so it's really set in the past? Or will this be in the present timeline where he is facing the X-Men team from the past that's in the present? I don't know but I'm wanting to find out more.