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By Lee Roberts

Guardians Preview Guaridans 3000 Gotham Posters Thane and Ultimate Universe Ends

That's right there's a bunch of news for me to get around to talking about. The first involves the Guardians of the Galaxy, movie and comic. Then there's the new posters for Gotham, Thane will make a come back, and Ultimate Universe ending again or not I'm not sure.

If you are as eager as I am about seeing the movie Guardians of the Galaxy then you might be interested to know there's going to be a sneak peek of it. Here's the deal, on July 7, 2014, there will be a screening of 17 minutes of 3D footage of the movie at 150 IMAX movie theaters. It's only a one time only, one night only, preview screening, so if you want to see 17 minutes of the movie early you might want to find a IMAX theater that's close to you. If you think that wasn't enough to get you wanting to go watch this preview, it's also FREE. Yes, free, that right there had me but there's still more. There's also going to be a poster given away to those going to see it. WARNING I do not know for sure about the poster so you might want to check ahead of time because I don't want to make people think they are going to get a poster and they don't. I've been there before, there's been movies that supposed to have had a free poster but didn't so just talk to the IMAX theater near you about that.

Like all movies based on a comic book, when the movie is released the comic that it's based off of become popular. To supply that popularity the publisher will put out more comics of that comic and Guardians is no exception to this. Dan Abnett will be writing this book that will feature the original team of the Guardians of the Galaxy set in the 31st century. It will have Major Vance Astro, Starhawk, Martinex, Captain Charlie-27, and Yondu as they continue their fight against the Badoon. If you don't know about this team, check out the back-up story in issue #14 of Guardians of the Galaxy that came out 2 months ago. This new book will launch this October by the team of Dan Abnett and Gerado Sandoval on art.

Gotham is gearing up with new promo posters that show what some of the cast look like. Now I know that this is supposed to be set in Gotham City before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman but I'm not too thrilled with how they've done some characters. First off Poison Ivy is not Pamela Isley, she's Ivy Pepper and she's a little kid. Oswald Cobblepot looks pretty normal, a little emo gothic like, but nothing like a short overweight guy that resembles a penguin, Selina Kyle is normal but considering that she's a teen yet Ivy is a kid, and then the others are more adult. What's going on here with these characters, some adult, some kids, guess it's a good thing this is just a show that won't have any real connection with the comics.

If you didn't get enough from Infinity then you might want to check out the upcoming release of “Thanos: A God Up There Listening” by Rob Williams, Paco Diaz, Iban Coello, and Neil Edwards. This six issue series will start up this coming Tuesday, that's July 1 for anyone reading this after I post this today (by the way what happened to June?). This story is from the Infinity mini series, that one where it involved a large chunk of the Marvel Universe while also being a cosmic story that brought Thanos to Earth. I'm actually hoping that this book gets print form because it has peaked my interest. Sure the story of Thane gong about finding answers about himself and trying to find out the truth of if he is the son of Thanos is interesting but that's not the story I want to read about. The one I want to read, the reason why I've posted this in my blog, is that there is going to be a story that has Thanos fighting Ego the Living Planet. It's in the past but from the description it sounds like they will have a huge battle and it should be fun to read.

Did you read the Ultimate story line, Cataclysm? Well, it was supposed to be about the end of the Ultimate Universe and though Marvel kind of did that by canceling all the titles for the Ultimate line, they also relaunched new titles like Miles Morales the Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate FF, and the All-New Ultimates. But now the Ultimate FF is going to be canceled, there's rumors that All-New Ultimates will also get canceled, and that will leave only Spider-Man. Not sure what's going to happen with him, there's a possibility that he will be joining the All-New X-Men in issue #32. There's also that Spider-Verse that will be coming out that might put him in the 616 universe so Miles might be coming to the main universe. Though he kind of already has made an appearance, just look at the one shot special, Spider-Man Spectacular #1 that came out this past Wednesday, Miles makes a cameo in it.