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By Lee Roberts

Thor Is A Woman Iron Man is Superior 80s Return Archie Dies Archer & Armstrong Movie Ultron Revealed And the Wicked + The Divine

By this point I would imagine that anyone that reads comics will have heard the news that Thor is no longer going to be male. That's right, Thor will be a female and no longer the male that we know. So how is this going to happen?

From what I have gathered so far is that Thor Odinson will do something that will make him unworthy of Mjolnir and all the power that comes along with it. Because of that he will lose Mjolnir and I'm guessing most of his powers but being that he is still the Odinson he should have his natural powers that are not with the hammer.  I'm not sure who it will be but a female will pick up Mjolnir and take on all the powers of Thor and then become the new Thor. Though if you are worried what will become of Thor Odinson then just take a look at the cover to the Avengers #35 where he is holding the axe Jarnbjorn. If you look at the cover you can see that he's not wearing his typical armor but he still looks pretty tough.

Well, with all the delays that the comic has had I'm really not surprised to find out that Hawkeye will be coming to an end with issue #22. I got to say I'm really disappointed to be seeing this title coming to an end. It was one that I liked instantly, it has or I should say will have had great writing, great artwork, and was just an all around fun comic to read. With the track suit bad guys, the dog, having bought a building, and all the bro's that you can handle was given to us in this book and it will all be over. Not sure why this is coming to an end, maybe because Matt Fraction has a lot on his plate or Marvel is just doing what Marvel does, cancel good books while giving us more of others that we don't need.

Seems like Marvel is making changes to the Avengers line up because last week I talked about how Steve Rogers lost his super soldier serum, then in this week there's Thor losing his power and a female taking over, and now to continue on with the theme of change, it's Iron Man. There will be a new Iron Man book replacing titled Superior Iron Man and no he's not being mind controlled by Doc Ock.

From what I've read, this is Tony Stark, no alternate version, no other world/universe, not being mind controlled, or any other reason that would make him not himself. After the events of "Axis", Tony will move to San Francisco where he will become a darker and more on the lines of an anti-hero or possibly close to a villain. His plan is to release a version of the Extremis tech on the people of San Fran but will this be a good thing? From what I'm reading he's going to be closer to a villain than a hero and will have to at one point face Daredevil, who has moved to San Fran. Along with his darker side coming out of him, Tony will done a new suit of armor that is all shiny and white or silverish. Whatever color you want to call the armor this is not anything that surprising or at all different or new. Iron Man has been changing his armor since the start of the book so giving him a new suit and different look is expected with this character.
I'm an 80's television and movies fan and for me they are some of the best entertainment there is out there. So when I read that IDW and Lion Forge Comics will be putting into print a Knight Rider and Airwolf comic. I don't know when it will happen, but I don't really care because I'm just excited that they will be getting a comic. My only gripe so far is that Airwolf don't look nothing like the helicopter from the show. I know they have to update it to look like it could be tougher and unstoppable but if you look at the original copter, it was that and still can be that. For KITT, he seems to keep the look of the Trans-Am, so hey IDW, make Airwolf the same as the show.



This week was the release for Life With Archie #36 where in it he dies. If you missed out on getting you copy, like I"m guessing a lot of people did, you need not worry, it's getting reprinted. It's also possible that if you check out you comic shop they might still have some, one of the shops I went to get my copy only had 4 left on the shelf about 10 minutes after opening on Wednesday morning. I got mine and another guy picked one up right as I was reaching for mine, so that left 2 in the first 10 minutes of opening that the store had left. Odds are low that a shop will still have them at this point but who knows you could luck out. If that don't work, look on some sites, they might have some left, like Midtown Comics or the amazon of comics, Comics Collector Live.

Here's the first look at what Ultron will look like in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, thanks to the magazine Entertainment Weekly.

I got to say that I'm pretty impressed with the way Ultron looks. I figured they would change his looks from the comic version but he still looks pretty close to the comic but even more menacing. Which just makes it all the more cooler. And look in the background of the cover, there's other Ultrons so looks like this sequel will have a major battle between humans and robots.
One of the comics that has become a favorite of mine from Valiant is Archer & Armstrong. A quick rundown for you on this book is that Archer, a young guy who was raised by his crazy parents with crazy religious beliefs has teamed up with the one guy he was supposed to kill. That guy is Armstrong, an immortal that got his immortality because of a boon where he can heal from anything and really likes to drink. Well, these two are in the works to be getting a movie and out of all the comics that can get a movie I really hope this one works out.

If you are looking for a new book to pick up, one that got me hooked from the first page, that would be the new title called “The Wicked + The Divine”. It's written by Kieron Gillen with artwork by Jamie McKelvie while being published by Image Comics. Right now it's on the second issue, the first issue already having a reprint after it's release on June 18, 2014, yeah pretty quick for a second printing on a new book.

Here's why the book has already had a reprint so quickly, it's just a really good book. The plot, every 90 years there are 12 gods that incarnate themselves as humans but after only 2 years as being humans they die. Now you might think that they keep this kind of a thing a secret, you would be wrong. These humans/gods let it known to the public that they are the gods and they are going to have fun with the two years they have on the Earth.

This book opens with a bang, almost literally since there is an explosion that has no explanation as to why it happens. Though I have an idea right now as to why but still, the mystery is nice touch to it. What's also awesome about this book, the covers. I was lucky enough to pick up the first printing of both issues #1 and #2 and the covers are astounding. Still, the reprint cover is also pretty cool. This is a book that is different then typical cape and tights books and it's one that I will read until it ends.