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Star Wars Force Awakens & Unleashes the Trailer and Cassette Tape Is Sold Out

Have you seen it yet? Come on it came out today and it's awesome! Ok, so the speeder that resembles a chocolate ice cream bar and the soccer ball droid are chuckle worthy but otherwise the footage extremely cool. Seeing the Falcom in action again was my highlight of the trailer but the whole thing looks beautiful. Here are a few bits from the trailer.
Lightsaber: sure it looks really cool and kind of like a sword with the handle guards but just what are those side beams for? Will they be used? Maybe during a duel where the two sabers are together the sides could extend to hit someone in the face or body? Then again maybe they are just for looks, like they are exhausts for the saber that almost looks like it's on fire. But seeing the red against the black of night and the white of the snow is nicely done. And who is this? I'm guessing with the red lightsaber that it is the Sith villain but does that mean it's not Luke? Maybe he has a little dark side in him in this film? 
Now for the Falcon scene where it swoops in, does a loop, and flys down close to the ground as two Tie Fighters come at it. This scene is the one that shows me that this film will have some very different and breath taking shots and how they are being used. And just look at how awesome the Falcon looks.
The chocolate ice cream bar speeder bike that has a woman on it that I don't know who it is. I'm sorry but this thing just don't look that cool to me. It's a brown block sideways with a girl sitting on it. 
And if you don't think it looks like an ice cream bar, then watch this tweak that was done to it.
Another thing, the Stormtrooper. He's not a clone at least but he looks a little flustered. Not sure what has happened to him, maybe he's just hot from what looks like Tatooine cause I would think being in a Stormtrooper armor on Tatooine would be kind of hot. Is this scene after the one with all the Stormtroopers in what looks like a ship? I don't think so cause it looks like the door opens to someplace dark and not so full of sand. Still, a Stormtrooper with no helmet that's not a Clone Trooper, cool.
What I'm talking about here is the limited release of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack on cassette tape. It was released today only, Friday Nov 28, 2014, as part of record day and Black Friday. However, not only was it released in limited amounts but it was released only in record stores but not all of them. If you think you can get them at a mega store like Walmart or Target, you won't. In fact, even if you went to a record store that was selling it, went early, stood in line, you still probably didn't get it. 
On Wednesday I called the three record stores that where listed as doing the release. With each I had three questions to ask.
1) Are you going to have the Guardians of the Galaxy cassette tape on Friday?
2) What time do you open?
3) How much is it?
So here are the answers that I got from the three stores.
Store #1 Repo Record
1) Yes we will have them but only about 8 of them. I expect a line for them.
2) We open at 10am.
3) 8 bucks, they are $7.99.
Store #2 Lunchbox Records
1) Yes we will.
2) We're opening at 9am Friday.
3) They're $7.99
As a follow up question to them I asked how many they would have, his answer was, "I can't tell you."
Store #3 The Wax Museum
1) This is a wax museum, we don't do any new releases of records.
So, those where my answers on Wednesday Nov 26, 2014 when I called. Today, Friday Nov 28, 2014  get up at 7am so I can go to Lunchbox Records. I choose this one first because I had to be at work at 10:30am so going to the one that opens at 10am was risky. I get to Lunchbox Records at 8am and there is a line already. I get in line, stand in the 40 degree cold weather with the wind blowing and in the shade, and there I stand for the next hour waiting for 9am to arrive so I can get inside to get my tape.
9AM arrives, they only let in a few people because the store is small. Ok, so now I'm still standing outside in the cold. Slowly, very, very slowly, the people start to come out one at a time. With each one person that leaves, one person is let inside. 
9:51AM, I'm at the front door now. There is the man that lets people in and out standing at the door on the inside. He lets someone out and I finally get to go in and I rush to the back, find a worker, ask, where are the Guardians of the Galaxy tape? We're sold out of them.
First, I understand the line waiting, I understand the fire code by not letting in too many people, what I don't understand is not informing the people that are standing in line outside in 40 degree weather for nearly 2 hours that they have sold out of the tape. How hard would it have been for the man at the door to come outside when they sold out of the tapes to say, excuse me, anyone that is looking for the Guaridans of the Galaxy cassette tape, we are sold out. I'm betting they sold out quickly which means I stood in line in the cold for no reason what so ever except for the workers at Lunchbox being too lazy or uncaring enough to inform their customers they where out. Though that won't be a problem for me any from this point on since I won't ever step foot in that buisness again.
Now, since that store was such a horrible experience and bust for me, I see the time.
Great, I'm only 6 minutes away from Repo Records, they open at 10AM, I might as well chance it now. I get in car, make it to the store at 10:01AM, and there's only 3 cars in the parking lot. Well, to say I was excited is putting it mildly. They've only been open for a minute and there's no cars in the lot, I'm sure to get a tape.
I go in, the guy at the checkout looks at me, asks can he help me. Yes you can, do you have the Guardians of the Galaxy cassette tape?
No, we sold out of them.
How did you sell out of them already, I ask, you just opened. No, we opened at 9AM.
Well, gee, glad I was told the wrong time of the opening on Wednesday. And now here I sit, no tape, not happy at all, and saw on ebay how much these tapes are going for is way more than I will ever spend on any cassette tape. Maybe if you live in a small town where there aren't many people going to look for a cassette tape of a soundtrack for a movie, then maybe you can get one. Me, I've called every record store that is within a 40 minute drive of where I live that was listed on the site of stores participating in the release and none of them have the tape. When Marvel said limited, they really did mean limited in this instance.