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By Lee Roberts

Collecting Can Be A Hardship Today

First it was the cassette tape that came out on Black Friday/Record Day. Now it's the actual movie that gets a turn at being sold out. To be more specific, I mean the steelbook exclusive only sold at Best Buy for the Blu Ray 3D/Blu Ray/Digital Copy of Guardians of the Galaxy. Like the cassette, it was what I wanted to get, and yes I admit, this time around I didn't do my normal routine of preordering it and getting to the store right at opening on release day. However, one reason I didn't do that and the main reason really, is that every single time that I've done that, there's an abundance of them, and most of the time so many that even months after (for some years after), there's still the steelbook exclusive sitting on the shelves.

So, I did the what I shouldn't have, I assumed that Best Buy would have enough like they always did in the past, so instead of preordering and going at opening, I just went right after work and got to the store about 6:45pm. When I walked in the store I thought, yes this is going to be a great night cause I get to watch Rudolph when I get home, then the new Marvel's Agents of Shiled, and get the steelbook of Guardians to watch. It even looked like it was going to be good for me cause I see a stand for the movie right as I enter in the store. Now all I have to do is grab it, check out, and get out all in about a 2 minute time span.
Nope. What a fool I was.

I searched that store going down every isle for the movies, the cd's, the stands at the ends and in the walkways, and I did it multiple times. I'm sure the cameras in the store was focused on me thinking I was up to something since I was walking slow and scanning all around me, but I was just looking for the steelbook that maybe if I was lucky might have been hidden behind another movie or something else. It wasn't and I wasn't.

Not only is this exclusive sold out online, but it's sold out in every store in my area. There is one store that has it, it's nearly a 2 hour drive away. Aside from feeling defeated in my search and settling for just the Blu Ray version, even if I wanted to get this steelbook, I probably still wouldn't get it. I can't go during the weekday cause I work until 6:30 and with a 2 hour drive, that puts me there at 8:30 and then another 2 hours drive back, now I'm home at 10:30. I can't watch it cause I have my reviews to do, so I just spent 4 hours driving, the gas money, having to now stay up longer than I want to work on a review because I spent 4 hours driving, I miss out on doing anything I want to in my free time like reading comics (and yes I love doing my reviews, it's right now one of my funniest jobs I got, but like all jobs, fun or not, it's still a job and when you have to spend a full work day at work to be in a car for 4 hours to get a movie you won't get to watch and to do more work, well I'm not wanting to do that). So, my only real choice is to wait until Saturday to do it when I would have the time to do so but considering how quickly these have sold out on release day, will there still be some left near the end of the week?

My next choice is to look on ebay. Not going to happen. Not the looking, but the buying because even though I would like to have the steelbook, paying the prices people are wanting on ebay is way too much for this piece that, yes is very cool, it's not that wise a choice. I have already spent money on the regular version, I would have to not only spend double what the store price was but I would also be getting the 3D with it that's worthless to me since I can't even watch it on 3D.
Not ranting here, don't take it that way, I'm just explain in a very long way, if you are looking for this steelbook exclusive, you're unlikely in getting one.
Which brings me to my next topic....
Are you a collector of comics, games, toys, or related items? Have you noticed a growing annoyance in the field? I'm talking about the collector items selling out and then being resold online for high to only if I was rich prices. There's always been that in the world of collecting, it's just part of the deal, but ever since the boom in popularity with the movies, games, and television shows, the collecting world has become harder.
Before the world knew about it, the collector’s items were being bought by collectors and sold by them. Some items would be hard to find and prices would be high, but they were still done mainly by collectors. And yes there was some that was getting and selling them just for a profit, but it was still pretty much a close group of people.
Times have changed ever since the movies and shows have shined a light on the collecting world. Before when comics and toys where just for kids and the general public that might have known that they could be worth money thought that the only ones worth money was the very old comics and toys. Now they know that a new comic, toy, or item that just came out today can turn into instant cash if you have the right one and because of that people who once overlooked it are now out there getting them. It's a business, I understand that, and I understand that need and want for more money in your own pocket, however what I don't like are the people that will go to a store, buy as many or buy out all of the item just to post online somewhere with a price that triples the original price or more, and say look at this rare item that can't be found in stores. Well, maybe if you wasn't such a jerk and bought 15 of them to sell online I would have had the chance to buy them in the store.

(Don't know whose collection this is but it's pretty awesome)
And yes I understand that some items are actually rare and only have a limited amount out there to start with but does that make it any better when someone buys more than one just so they can sell it to get money? For instance, if you know me you know I have a great liking for Harley Quinn and everything involving her. Well, her first appearance in the comics is a comic that is not a cheap comic to get. I want this comic, however, I don't want it for a profit, I'm not going to buy it to try to sale at a higher price, I want it to collect and put on my wall. This example is not as good but it gets my point across because that comic came out years ago and is one that is a bit hard to get. However, there are items that came out this week, like the steelbook Blu Ray of Guardians that was picked up by people wanting to get that extra buck off the collectors because they can't find them. All I'm saying is stop taking away from the people that just want to have it for their collection just so you can get a few extra dollars. If you want to do that, then buy only 1, get that, ONE, not multiple, 1, of the items and sell that one cause otherwise you're just being greedy and most likely you have caused someone not to get that item they want.