>> Twilight Thursdays! Vol. 1 Issue 38

Twilight Thursdays! Vol. 1 Issue 38

 Bits of Breaking Dawn

Nessie Mackenzie, a Renesemee /Mackenzie Foy fansite reports that everyone’s half & half baby is Louisiana preparing for the film.
10/17/10 – From what we’ve been told, Mackenzie arrived in Baton Rouge a few days ago with her mom, but she hasn’t meet with the Twilight cast yet. Hopefully she will meet her screen mom (Kristen Stewart) and screen dad (Robert Pattinson) soon, and we’ll bring you exclusive pictures from the set!
In BD, Bella goes through a myriad of changes: wife, mother, vampire, and fighter. All of these roles will be a distinct change from the Bella we’ve known. Kristen Stewart believes this evolving Bella will win over some doubters.
"This one's really good. This one really goes there, finally," said the actress who plays the iconic Bella Swan of "Breaking Dawn." "This one is like the forming of a family. You see everything really come to fruition because I feel like [Bella] has sort of gone through an accelerated growth period."
In November, Stewart will reprise the Bella role when she begins filming the first half of “Breaking Dawn,” the fourth movie in the “Twilight” franchise, which will be directed by Bill Condon. The story follows [spoiler alert: if you aren't familiar with "Breaking Dawn," skip to the last paragraph] Bella’s marriage to vampire Edward Cullen (Rob Pattinson), as the two finally consummate their relationship and Bella becomes pregnant.
"At this point," Stewart says, "you do accept [Bella] as a mom.”
Stewart, who was speaking to 24 Frames to promote her new independent drama "Welcome to the Rileys," said she thinks her "Twilight" character has been misunderstood. “Bella’s criticized sometimes for being, like, you know -- I don’t know, selfish and overly emotional and silly and frivolous and annoying and young,” said Stewart. “That’s sort of like a very judgmental way of looking at it." {LATimes}
One of Bella’s first sign of change is her wedding & marriage to Edward. Considering that Alice designs nearly all of Bella’s new clothing, what will the wedding dress look like!? KStew’s guess is as good as ours!
After the wedding there is the honeymoon and the honeymoon night. One question that’s tickled every Twilight fan is how will Bella & Edward’s love scene look on screen? Lainey Gossip (who is not a big a Twilight fan) claims to have the steamy details.
“if they stay true to the script, Edward and Carlisle have a birds and the bees talk that is supposed to be, I guess, the vampire advice equivalent to human boys and “baseball”. When does a boy think about baseball? Baseball is for bringing you back from the brink. Therefore Edward Cullen’s premature ejaculation = crushing his wife to death when he’s taking her virginity, preventable, according to his father, by thoughts of baseball.
There are three of them in total in Part 1 right now. The first is in the water, and they get the business started with a super cringe line, as Bella walks naked into the ocean and looks at the moon and sighs that “it’s beautiful”, to which Edward replies, while looking at her and obviously not the moon…
it’s supposed to be all limbs and writhing and wrapping around each other from the sea to the house and much of it is relayed, rather cleverly actually, in flashback form. After they show the initial hook up from beach to bedroom, we jump to the morning after as Edward is constipated about something and Bella is examining her body. Cut to her memories of the night before, the touching, and his kissing the length of her body, and the clenching, and her head thrown back, and his struggle to, um, think about baseball, and her resulting pleasure, and some furniture gets broken. It actually reads pretty erotic, and if they cut it the way it’s written, it should be even hotter to watch. Even I would enjoy watching it if they stay with that spirit.
She keeps begging for it afterwards, and the two following love scenes are more of the same soft porny vibe which, to be honest, totally impressed me because having blue balled it for 3 straight movies, I thought they would pull that sh-t all over again. On paper though, they appear to be totally going for it.”
Remember, however, that this is only gossip and as Nikki Reed tells us, the scripts are highly protected.
After that night of passion, Bella becomes swiftly & dangerously pregnant. What about the actually physical changes Bella experiences during rapid pregnancy?
“I’m incredibly pregnant in the first movie,” Stewart said, adding that she has spent the last couple of weeks trying on prosthetic bellies. “I’ve worn it. It’s ... crazy. I’ve done fittings. It gets immense. It gets so massive at some point that it actually looks inhuman. Like it’s hurting her. There are striations of bruises.” {LATimes}
Nikki Reed can’t wait to be an auntie! She tells People that audiences will a new Rosalie as she and Jacob get into things.
"Selfishly, I'm really pleased with my relationship with this kid," the actress, 22, tells PEOPLE while attending a Cirque du Tacori event in Santa Monica, "but I really like the way it affects my relationship with Jacob." 

Reed's character, Rosalie Hale, has always had a sizable chip on her shoulder when it comes to Taylor Lautner's shape-shifter, but after reading through the new scripts, Reed is looking forward to exploring her vampire's softer side. 

"In the first part of the books Jacob and I hate each other," she says, "but we bond over this baby and we develop this connection that is really powerful." 

It's a connection that Reed says is reminiscent of her off-screen friendship with costar Lautner, 18. 

"It feels similar but at the same time more volatile than the relationship that I have in real life with Taylor," she says. "We're obviously buddies, but there's a playfulness that we get to explore that wasn't there before."

Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed Red Carpet Interview 2010 SCREAM AWARDS; They Talk BREAKING DAWN and More from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

After Eclipse
Eclipse wins “Best Fantasy” at the Scream Awards!
And KStew wins “Best Fantasy Actress”!
A few TwiFans caught up with Jackson during the Scream Awards and asked him a few BD Qs.
This really hurts my heart. Reading has always been one of my greatest pleasures and is always such a great way to learn about the past. I have greatly disliked a lot of books, but I have never, ever burned them. 
TwiFun Time!
A New Moon parody that gave me a couple of chuckles!
Edward Cullen has topped Glamour Magazine’s list of 31 Sexist Vampires!
1.  Twilight’s Edward Cullen
Played by: Robert Pattinson
Twilight’s resident Sex God, Robert Pattinson has brought new meaning to the term ‘pale and interesting’. Like all vampires, Edward has a taste for blood, but that’s all too easy to forget when you look at his ripped torso and intense eyes. A thing of beauty…
Peep these outtakes from Rob’s Japanese photo shoot. Reminds me why I’m a fan! {eclipsemovie}
Voting for the People's Choice Awards 2011 nominations has offically open. Both the movie and cast are available for nominations in various categories.
"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" categories available for nominations are:
- Favorite Movie
- Favorite Drama Movie
- Favorite on Screen Team
Categories available for nominations for cast members are:
- Favorite Move Actor (Robert Pattinson)
- Favorite Movie Actress (Kristen Stewart)
- Favorite Move Star Under 25 Presented by Moviefone (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner)
Get your vote on here!  {twicrackaddict}
Thanks again for joining me on another Twilight Thursday! Click back next Thursday for all of your Twilight news, views, pic spam, & videos!


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