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By Maria Jackson

Twilight Thursdays! Vol. 2, Issue 19

 While Bella’s dress remains a secret, we finally know who designed it, Carolina Herrera! Reelz Channel gives us the scoop!

“As Twilight fans everywhere know, details about Bella’s wedding dress remain as closely guarded as the designer of Kate Middleton’s dress was earlier this year. The first trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 had lots of shots of the real royal couple’s elegant invitation but nary a good peek at the gown.

Fans have had to content themselves with images from The Official Illustrated Guide and Stephenie Meyer’s detailed-yet-coy description to a small group of fans. 

“It’s sch an interesting mix. It has a vintage feel, but at the same time, there’s an edge to it. It’s really beautiful. And then on Kristen — oh, she looks amazing in clothes — and in that dress she’s so lithe and unbelievable.”

But that’s about to change. We have it on good word that Caroline Herrera designed the dress of the year, which will be revealed in the next week or so. While we wait, we’re browsing this gallery of Herrera bridal gowns with much anticipation. Yep, definitely vintage with an edge.”



If you wondered that maybe Rob used a body double during his loves scenes let me put your frantic mind to rest.

Gossip Cop looked into the story and was told by a production source that it was 100 percent Pattinson in the sex scene with Kristen Stewart.

Additionally, a rep for Summit tells us, “A body double was NOT used.””


This knowledge makes these pics all the more delicious!



Breaking Dawn is coming to Comic Con with some new interactive & innovative ways of connecting fans with the material and stars that they love.

Summit Entertainment just issued the following press release:

“For the fourth year in a row, Summit Entertainment will provide the Comic-Con® International audience with a unique, interactive booth experience featuring films from the studio’s upcoming slate, including an action adventure update of the beloved THE THREE MUSKETEERS, the alien invasion thriller THE DARKEST HOUR with effects from visionary filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov, and the highly anticipated THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1.

Those who stop by will be able to speak live via phone with select actors and filmmakers from Summit films, as well as participate in contests and giveaways. The authors of three novels that Summit Entertainment is bringing to life on the big screen will also complete autograph signings at the booth.

§ Erin Morgenstern is the author of NIGHT CIRCUS, a novel about 19th century teenage illusionists.

§ Isaac Marion is the author of WARM BODIES, in which an existentially tormented zombie begins an unlikely romance with the girlfriend of one of his victims. Jonathan Levine is attached to direct, with Nicholas Hoult (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) and Teresa Palmer (I AM NUMBER FOUR) attached to star.

§ Veronica Roth is the 22-year-old author of DIVERGENT, which launched on the New York Times best-seller list. In the dystopic future of DIVERGENT, society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to a particular virtue: honesty, selflessness, bravery, peacefulness, or intelligence.

In addition to Summit’s booth presence at Comic-Con®, the studio will also host one of the first panels of the day in Hall H on Thursday, July 21st dedicated to THE TWILIGHT SAGA franchise. Fans interested in the story’s final chapters will be shown exclusive footage from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 and be treated to a filmmaker and cast Q&A session providing details on the first half of the epic two part finale, in theatres November 18, 2011.”


This all sounds very cool to me and I can’t wait to see what they have in store. The opportunity to see some new footage and go to the q & a is exciting enough for me, but the interactive parts sound really interesting. What would you like to see?

Natalie from Seduced by Twilight has her own (gory) ideas.

“As for me, I would really like Bella’s pregnant tummy to make an appearance. And maybe a fountain of blood would serve as a nice decoration for the panelists to sit behind. Even better, Kristen Stewart should be sipping a blood-filled Big Gulp and Taylor Lautner can sit nearby, salivating over her pulsating stomach. Rib cracking and womb tearing sounds played over the sound-system could add another nice touch. Though Chris Weitz apparently can’t imagine directing a birth scene, I think a semi-birth scene staged at the Comic-Con panel would be a perfect way to create mega buzz.”



TwiFUN Time!

Breaking Dawn in Germany



Elizabeth Reaser reads Twilight fan fiction!




Christian Siriano interviews the men & women of Twilight on their fashion {source}



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