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By Maria Jackson

Happy Hunger Games! Vol. 1, Issue 53

The Hunger Games Exclusive has begun First Look at Mockingjay Part 1! The websites features a video of Julianne Moore expressing how she became involved in HG and new stills!

Eugenie Bondurant has been officially announced as playing the role of Tigris in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2!

Tigris is an ex-Hunger Games stylist and a trustworthy  of Plutarch Heavensbee. From Mockingjay:

Behind the counter sits the strangest person I’ve ever seen. She’s an extreme example of surgical enhancement gone wrong, for surely not even in the Capitol could they find this face attractive. The skin has been pulled back tightly and tattooed with black and gold stripes. The nose has been flattened until it barely exists. I’ve seen cat whiskers on people in the Capitol before, but none so long. The result is a grotesque, semi-feline mask, which now squints at us distrustfully.


Michelle Forbes cast as Lt. Jackson

From The Hunger Games Wiki

Jackson was assigned to be a soldier in Squad 451 as a sharp shooter with Katniss, Finnick Odair, Gale Hawthorne, and other soldiers. Jackson kept the team under control and often gave them orders. Jackson helped Katniss receive the task to guard Peeta during the night. She helped Peeta with his memories by playing "Real or not real" with him so he knew what was real and a lie.




Of course with a new film, there comes a new Mockingjay pin! It's really neat to see how they differ from each other and mirror the books covers


Check out these new stills!


Hope to see you soon, Tributes!