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By Maria Jackson

Happy Hunger Games! Vol. 2, Issue 4

Whoa, check it out! Lorde is curating the soundtrack for Mockingjay Part 1! She’s choosing the artists and picking the songs! What an amazing opportunity, I’m absolutely green.

Lorde spoke to Billboard and talked about what this responsibility has been like:


Billboard: Spearheading an entire soundtrack, especially for a film as hotly anticipated as Mockingjay, is a pretty tall order, especially for someone still early in their career.

Lorde: Yeah, I was just saying that I literally watched the second film (2013’s Catching Fire) in a movie theater in New Zealand like a year ago. And now I get to curate the soundtrack. It’s crazy.


How did it all come together?

It came to me through my publisher, who is always bringing me really cool, weird opportunities. He was like, do you want to do the end credits song for the film? And I said, “Oh yeah that would be awesome. Um … what are they doing for their soundtrack, just out of interest?” And he was like, “I don’t know I can find it out.” I was really keen to curate it. I had this idea that it would be really cool and I think I know what is the right sound for the project. So they were really into it and it just started happening. It’s really been my baby, which is awesome. It’s so rewarding, but it blows my mind that this massive studio has just handed the reigns over to a 17-year-old. I’ve literally been doing it by myself, contacting every artist, sorting everything out.


Can you tell us some other artists that are involved?

I don’t know if I want to tell you anything yet! It’s very new. But there are some people on there that you’re going to be super surprised by. You’ll be like, what? I haven’t heard form them in ages… but in a great way.


OK, we’ll stay in suspense. Was there anything specific about the Hunger Games series that attracted you to the project?

Yeah, I think there’s something about the Hunger Games that makes it a very modern-feeling blockbuster franchise. Often you get a heroine in a movie like that and they’re just not cool characters. They’re kind of sappy or kind of boring. But Jennifer (Lawrence) perfectly embodies Katniss Everdeen and you can’t not be interested in that character. She’s so smart and so tough and so brave, but she’s also like, I’m really confused and I don’t know which guy I want to date but like … hold on dude. There’s more important things to do than think about dating. I’ve got to save the world right now. It’s very fresh and modern which I like, but it’s also super youth based. It’s a good set of films. (x)

have you all noticed something a little strange happening on The Capitol’s website recently? Posters have been vandalized


And today, the site has been hacked!

Beetee Latier is at it again! After changing the Display Pictures on the official The Hunger Games social media accounts to a logo of District 13, today we have instructions to “hunt and peck” from the District 3 genius:

It’s time we break apart the fist, the grain, and the shield. Find them and commence the “hunt-and-peck.” -B

We are being directed towards Capitol.PN. When you enter One Panem, click under ‘Your Voices Have Been Heard,’ which will take you to any of the “capitol concern” pages. Following that, type out OLTM on your keyboard, code for #OurLeaderTheMockingjay (as figured out by Quarter Quell). (x)

It will lead you to the hacked page:


Till next time, Mockingjays!