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Happy Hunger Games! Vol 2. Issue 13

Welcome back, Tributes! By now, I expect you’ve all seen MJP1. If you have and even if you haven’t, read my review NOW and let me know your thoughts! I want to know what parts were your favorite and which you thought could be better. Let loose in the comments!


As if there was any doubt, MJP1 soared over the Thanksgiving competition and is sitting pretty at #1 at the box office. With a domestic total of $231,476,484 earned, MJP1 is already ranked as the seventh most popular film of 2014 (x) and may finish up in the top two!


Another unexpected charter is Jennifer Lawrence singing “The Hanging Tree”.   The song describes two lovers searching for freedom from oppression in death.  Grim, to be sure, but Lawrence sings the lilting melody with a slight southern twang. She’s captured ears in the UK, where The Hanging Tree is #29!( x)

Take a listen to this haunting tune



This is all a little hilarious considering Jennifer was terrified of singing!



They’re already starting to talk about MJP2! Director Francis Lawrence, Producer Nina Jacobson and Screenwriter Peter Craig recently talked to Buzzfeed about making the two parter and how the changes in MJP1 will affect MJP2.


If you saw the film, you’ll remember that Katniss’s list of demands given to President Coin in exchange for being the Mockingjay did not make mention of killing President Snow. According to the filmmakers, this was a choice to give each film a clear arch and objective.


“That’s probably one of the biggest changes in the splitting of the book,” director Francis Lawrence told BuzzFeed News. “The way that you can tell the two stories, for us, is that each story has its own dramatic question, has its own objective. In this one, Katniss is finally taking on the role as the symbol of the revolution and starting to step up and fight back. But the dramatic question is: Will we get Peeta back? …Part 2 is: Let’s go get Snow.”


This choice makes Katniss’s demand gradual, and we will see that in the next movie.

“For people who don’t know the books, then I don’t want to spoil that for them,” producer Nina Jacobson told BuzzFeed News. “But … we wanted to let Katniss arrive [at the demand to kill Snow] a little bit more gradually. What’s happened to Peeta informs that demand.”


With the push for Snow’s life, we will see a full-scale war, but there will be moments of “redemption” in the movie to balance the gloom and bleak world.

“We knew it was dark, and we looked at what wasn’t dark, and really paid a lot of attention to it,” screenwriter Peter Craig told BuzzFeed News. “Part of it is there’s a lot of affection between the characters that you can’t always show in moments where they’re fighting in arenas, or when they’re separated from each other. There’s a love story that’s emerging between Katniss and Peeta that is actually really, really sweet at its core. There’s all these characters that have been reunited and genuinely care for each other.”


“I feel like you can have darkness if you’ve got some redemption at the center of it,” said Craig. “[Mockingjay – Part 2] is really completely about redemption, and all these people forgiving each other, and finding each other again. It might take you through a thicket, but you come out the other side.”




See you next time, Tributes!