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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

The bad economy even holds up in the law firm Stern and Lockhart. The show starts out with Will and Diane making cuts. Breath easy the associates are safe and Will even gives Alicia an assignment that could secure her future. Partner Stern's party girl daughter, Anna, is being sued and Alicia will sit second chair to Anna's new husband's hired, no-name lawyer.

The last time the firm got Anna out of drug possession charge. The kicker is when Anna turns up no longer a wild child but as a modest Orthodox Jew. She met her husband, Isaac Loeb, in her last rehab stay. He was a volunteering Yeshiva student. Anna's husband doesn't want help from her father until he hears Alicia's last name stating, "Your husband is a great man. The hate crimes on 58th, he put the skinheads away."

The lawsuit turns out to be a slip and fall over a wire, strung by the Jewish community to symbolize a courtyard. The wire tripped the victim on the couple's property. Unfortunately, the wire fell on the Sabbath and acts of labor are normally forbidden. Enter the hot, no-name lawyer Ryan Alprin, played by guest star Chris Bowers, from "Rescue Me." We find out the slip and fall is paired with "willful and wanton conduct" because the couple saw the wired down, knew it could create harm and did nothing to repair it.

Ryan shows off his brilliance and tells Alicia he plans to use a First Amendment defense instead of attacking the medical evidence, which makes his motives "Unorthodox," the name of the episode. Ah ha! Ryan doesn't like Alicia or her firm and he pairs it with good reasoning. Two years back he was in a suit against a toy company for lead poisoning children. Alicia ends up being not to happy with Will, her mentor, who was the company's lawyer and delayed the trail. During the delay one of the children died.

At home Alicia's son, Zach is following up on the incriminating photos featuring his dad, Peter that he has hidden from his mom. Zach's friend helps track down the other woman and Zach takes Grandma's credit card to call a sex hotline to ask the model in the picture some questions. But Zach's investigation goes bust when he finds out he is not taking to the right woman.

Ryan defense goes well until the victim's lawyer reveals Anna has been calling her father secretly, and often on the Sabbath. Anna's husband is mad at his wife for lying so Alicia tries to help him not be so tuff on her. Don't worry, Kalinda brakes the case in her Superman high heels and figures out the "slip and fall" was plotted by a security guy and the victim to collect money from Stern.

Alicia sees Ryan as an amazing lawyer and mentions this to Will. The turn around on the case brings a turn around in Ryan's feelings for Alicia and starts putting the moves on her. With no answer why she has not divorced her husband (yet?) Will sees Alicia turn down Ryan. Will's jealousy is shown when he enters the let go meeting with Diane and suggests they fire absent partner Stern. Diana sees it as a betrayal and a shift in power against her and leaves.

At court, Kalinda pulls Alicia out of trail and tells Alicia she is sure Ryan has never passed the bar exam and is only waiting on confirmation. Wha? Alicia makes a decision to side with a win for Anna and Isaac and tells Kalinda to take a long walk around the block. She gets a verdict for the couple and has Ryan to turn himself in.

Alicia gets a phone call from Ryan but she hangs up on him and tries to deal with Zach's sex call. Zach takes the blame and protects his mother by keeping the photos secret instead of telling the truth.