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Taye Diggs Will Let Wife Decide on Second Baby

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Taye Diggs reveals that he would let wife, Idina Menzel, decide whether or not to have a second baby. According to People, Diggs noted: “I was in the room when my wife gave birth to Walker [Nathaniel], and after seeing that and going through the nine months of pregnancy with her, I would never ask." Diggs mentions that it is her body and that she is "the boss." The couple have discussed adoption as an option if they ruled out pregnancy. The pair have an 8-month-old together, and the actor is enjoying being a Dad. The Private Practice star admitted that he and Menzel are often very tired nowadays as Walker keeps them busy and awake. Diggs enjoys spending one-on-one time with his son, and took him to the park and played in the sun. Walker is enjoying eating the sweet foods, such as pears and apples, which Diggs notes is a similarity to himself. The proud dad loves watching his son grow and move across the bed. Diggs recently served as a spokesperson for Amtrak's National Train Day last weekend in Washington, D.C.