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Michelle Duggar, star of TLC's 18 Kids and Counting, was rushed to an Arkansas hospital over the weekend - but it wasn't because of Baby No. 19, due in March.

"This weekend, Michelle Duggar was admitted to an Arkansas hospital due to gallbladder issues," said a network rep. "The pain from a gallstone was generating some contractions. Though there were some fears that the baby was in trouble initially, it soon was discovered to be solely the gallstone causing the discomfort. Michelle is resting comfortably, and the baby is doing fine."

The attending physician, Dr. Curtis Lowery of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, told People Magazine, "We have every reason at present to expect that mother and baby will proceed with a healthy pregnancy."

Duggar was glad to share this update with the world via an iPhone video, where she and husband Jim Bob thanked fans for their support.

Jim Bob said, "So far the baby's doing great and we're so grateful to God." "Thank you for all of the well wishes that we've been receiving and we're just really grateful," Duggar added.