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Kinect for Xbox 360

So there has been talk of Microsoft's very ambitious Kinect project for some time now.  After Nintendo released the Wii to critical acclaim in November of 2006, it changed the face of gaming and quickly became the number one selling console of all the major new gen releases from Sony (... Read more

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

As far as movie based kids video games this one is pretty standard. You have different characters from the movie that you will control going through a variety of mini-challenges. ... Read more

Monsters Vs. Aliens

When first venturing into this game, I was already in the mindset that; 1. Games based on movie are generally bad and recycled (and vice versa) and 2.... Read more

Bee Movie Game

First off, the disappointing thing about this game is the graphics.  For a great looking CGI movie, I always expect the game to blow away that of its live action competition but that’s just not the case this time around, unfortunately.  Now, the good things; the game is fun, filled with imaginati... Read more

Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie

Help Spongebob and Patrick and they take a journey to help save Mr. Krabs from Plankton. You can play as Spongebob or Patrick based on the level use their moves to defeat enemies, and collect items to open up new moves.... Read more

Super Mario 64 DS

This is a slight update to the original Super Mario.  You still jump into to various worlds to find Power Stars and battle enemies. However in this version there are 30 more stars and several more worlds to play. You also have the ability to play more characters.... Read more
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