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Before I go into my review of this game, it needs to be noted that I’m not and have never been a big fan of sports.  Let alone, sports video games.  But I start this review off with that so you can really understand as the reader, how amazed I was to see that I actually LOVE thi... Read more

Kinect for Xbox 360

So there has been talk of Microsoft's very ambitious Kinect project for some time now.  After Nintendo released the Wii to critical acclaim in November of 2006, it changed the face of gaming and quickly became the number one selling console of all the major new gen releases from Sony (... Read more

Planet MiniGolf

Golf is considered a sport of precision and grace. Its courses are filled with wide open green spaces, luscious landscapes and the occasional water or sand hazard. Minigolf on the other hand, is quite different. ... Read more

Tony Hawk: Ride

Tony Hawk's games have taken a tumble as of late but that hasn't stopped him (or rather Activision) from releasing them.  The Tony Hawk brand used to be the go-to for the so called "extreme" sport of skateboarding,  His "Pro Skater" franchise was innovative and addicting which led way to his grou... Read more

WWE Legends of WrestleMania

The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan; if you even know the slightest about wrestling, then you most likely have heard of these guys. Legends of WrestleMania showcases all the greatest wrestlers and achievements in this legendary event. ... Read more

Top Spin 3

If you’re like me and your favorite Wii Sports game is tennis, then you’ll love the more real looking Wii game, Top Spin 3 ($49.99) from 2K Sports.... Read more

WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008

Its difficult for me to review Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008 because I have never played any of the past versions of this game so I'm not already invested in the franchise. As much as I tried to get into the game there were far to many quirks about it that ruined the experience for me. ... Read more

Backyard Hockey

Like it’s football brother, Backyard NHL Hockey features all the leagues teams and customizable options.  The only problem with this version is that it is a little more difficult to maneuver the players on the slick ice.... Read more

Backyard Football

Apaprently Electronic Arts’ stranglehold on NFL games doesn’t extend to surreal kid’s games. The officially licensed Backyard NFL Football is a fun, slower paced football game for those that are too young or not versed on the technical aspects of Madden’s hugely popular series.... Read more


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