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Le Castle Vania: Feels Like Fire

Techno dance pop, electronic dance, and just good old fashion dance are three ways to describe the style of music that's being played on the new EP “Feels Like Fire” by the band Le Castle Vania. This electronic dance group was put together by DJ Dylan out of Atlanta, GA.... Read more

Kodacrome: Aftermaths

A lot can be done with having only two people in a band, one such band proves this is their case with their new LP “Aftermaths”.... Read more

Rita Ora

If there is a sense when Rita Ora walks into a room that a star has already been ordained from above then nobody appears to have told the young Londoner and future pop princess herself. She has not an air or a grace about her.... Read more


Formed in 2013 by two friends in LA, Blastranauts is the brainchild of MC Escher and Nicolas II. Blastranauts set about to create innovative EDM with an international appeal.... Read more

A Tribe Called Red: Nation II Nation

Enclosed is your watermarked copy of A Tribe Called Red's recentNation II Nation album.  This trio of Native DJ/Producers craft what they term “urban aboriginal” music.  Representing their First Nations (the term by which aboriginal peop... Read more