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Everything Ever: Solid Ground

Whatever year it is right now you can be sure that one day everything that's happening in that year will become retro. Right now I think it's the music of the 90's that has become retro because I'm hearing more and more bands using styles from then.... Read more

The Faint: Doom Abuse

Doom Abuse, the seventh album for the indie rock/dance/punk band The Faint was released on April 8, 2014. While listening to this album I realized that the Faint is a band that likes to have a lot of nihilistic meaning to their songs.... Read more

Japanther: Instand Money Magic

Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek are the two guys that make the band Japanther and don't let there only being 2 people in the band fool you into thinking that there won't be much to the music.... Read more

Goodnight Tonight: Watch the Rain

Pop N' Rock, Pop N' Roll, or maybe Rock N' Pop? While listening to the new album by the band known as Goodnight Tonight, I was trying to figure out exactly what genre of music this trio would fall under.... Read more

Living Dead Lights: Black Letters

Since 2008 Living Dead Lights have been rocking out together out at Los Angeles, CA.... Read more

Head North: Scrapbook Minds

Sad kids making angry music about shit we don't care about. ~Head North Bandcamp Page ... Read more

Mainland: Shiner

Later this month New York City based band Mainland will be self-releasing their Shiner EP.... Read more