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New Line Of Discovery Kids Branded Games for DS

Discovery Communications and global videogame publisher, 505 Games announced today a new line of Discovery Kids-branded pet simulation games for the Nintendo DS™ including, Dolphin Discovery, Puppy Playtime, Pony Paradise and Kitten Corner.  Available at retailers nationwide this spring, the fun-filled titles help kids realize the dream of owning, raising and caring for a pet.

"We are excited to be working with 505 Games to help enrich children's lives through the discovery of pet care and ownership," said Kelly Day, Chief Operating Officer, Discovery Commerce.  "Similar to the Discovery Kids channel, these new videogames are designed to inspire children to have fun while learning."

"It is 505 Games' goal to bring high quality videogames to market that represent the passions and lifestyles of today's families," said Adam Kline, president of 505 Games U.S.  "Owning a pet is every kid's dream and we are pleased to give them a taste of that joy through this innovative new line of pet simulation games, under the parent-trusted Discovery Kids brand."

Dolphin Discovery invites kids to plunge into training and caring for one of the most awe-inspiring animals in the ocean.  Players need to earn the trust of their pet dolphin in order to teach them amazing tricks by using the DS Stylus. Mastering a wide selection of tricks will fully prepare their dolphin for performing in front of huge crowds of appreciative spectators.  The game features realistic scenery that changes with the time of day, offering clear blue skies, spectacular sunsets and dreamy night views.

The life of a rescue dog is much more than fun and games!  In Puppy Playtime, players raise and train their very own rescue dogs to eventually take on more than 30 missions alongside the Police Force, Fire Department and Lifeguards.  Three of the most popular rescue dog breeds are featured in the game, including the Dalmatian, German Shepherd and beloved Labrador Retriever.  Players train their puppies from two months to one year old through a series of 20 mini-games, helping them become the best rescue dogs they can be!

Pony Paradise gives kids the unique chance to care for and train a pony from birth to adulthood. Players can choose from four realistic horse breads to groom, feed and take on rides in five different 3D environments, including the meadow, forest, circus, pony school and stables. More than 60 special items can be collected and used to customize the ponies, making them the most stylish in the stables.

Who doesn't love a cuddly kitten?  In Kitten Corner, kids can own and raise their very own kitten.  Players can select from a variety of favorite feline breeds and through 35 unlockable features, customize their adorable new friend with distinctive coloring and markings.  Playtime begins as soon as the game begins, with 20 different mini-games, and 15 unique and challenging levels.  Players care for their kitten with trips to the veterinarian center, making sure it is in good health for entering contests and competitions.  Awards are presented to the best purrr..forming kittens!

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