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Kenny Johnson (Saving Grace)

Kenny Johnson (Saving Grace)

Kenny played collegiate football and baseball at Central Connecticut University and sustained a cracked vertebrae in his back.

Kenny Johnson's career had a chance of taking several routes.  Making his acting debut alongside a then unknown Brad Pitt in a Pringles commercial, then making his way through a slew of TV shows including Family Matters, Grace Under Fire, Sliders, Caroline in the City and Just Shoot Me before landing his first steady role on the short lived "Pensacola: Wings of Gold".  In 2002, Kenny landed the role of Curtis "Lemonhead" Lemansky, also known as "Lem", on the critically acclaimed FX show The Shield.  During his tenure on The Shield, he continued to work other projects from Cold Case and CSI to Smallville and the iTunes favorite Aquaman. 

Immediately after The Shield ended, Kenny landed a starring role alongside Academy Award winner Holly Hunter in TNT's soon to be hit drama Saving Grace.  Playing the partner and love interst to Holly's "Grace", Kenny's "Ham Dewey" has garnered critical acclaim and fan hatred.  Surprisingly, he embraces the latter as a sign that he is doing something right with the character.  We sat down with Kenny for a one on one video interview.  Check it out below...


Peter Oberth
Interview by Peter Oberth
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