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Kristen Connolly (The Cabin in the Woods)

Kristen Connolly: The Interview (The Cabin in the Woods)

The Cabin in the Woods was the closing film of this year's Atlanta Film Festival, and lead actress Kristen Connolly was on hand to introduce the film. Shakefire was able to speak to hear on the red carpet , where she told us about her involvement in the film and the mystery surrounding it.

SHAKEFIRE: How did you become involved with the project?
KRISTEN CONNOLLY: I auditioned for it like you audition for everything, but I can tell you that the sides that I was given, the audition scenes, for the movie are not real. They don't exist in the movie. I think my scenes had pterodactyls in it, which is like crazy, and I was running through these tunnels that are not in the movie either. It was a lot of stuff...

SF: Did you know beforehand that these were fake scenes?
KC: No, I thought they were the real scenes so then when I went in for my callback and they gave me an actual scene from the actual movie I was like, "What the hell happened to the pterodactyls!?" But yeah, so I went in, and I auditioned again in LA with Fran Kranz and I read for Joss and Drew and I just left the room thinking what a fun group of people this is and I really hope I get to be a part of it and then I did get to be a part of it.

SF: There's a lot of mystery surrounding the film. What do you believe are the benefits of going that route with its promotion?
KC: I think it actually serves the audience. The less you know about this movie, the more fun you have. It feels to me almost like a rollercoaster ride, like when you come off it, everybody is a little bit breathless and kinda laughing and also thrilled by it. I think actually it's not really for any reason other than to best serve the people seeing it. I think it's the most fun when you don't know what's coming next.

SF: The film was finished in 2009 but spend a lot of time going around from studio to studio. Were you ever worried that audiences would never get to see it?
KC: Yeah, yeah. It's a little frustrating to wait for it to come out because especially with a project like this that you're so excited about and you want people to see it. But it ended up with exactly the right studio and coming out at exactly the right time and I'm just so excited.

The Cabin in the Woods comes out this Friday, April 13. Be sure to check back tomorrow for Shakefire's official review!

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