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Guy Fieri: The Interview

Shakefire: The show premiere is coming up for Ultimate Recipe Showdown after the holidays, what can we expect?... Read more

JJ Abrams & Joshua Jackson: The Interview

With the enormous success of such cult serials as Alias and, most recently, Lost, JJ Abrams is no stranger to the stress of living up to emense buzz.  But, Joshua Jackson, somewhat dormant since his days playing the trouble Pacey Whitter on Dawson's Creek, is facing a new challenge.  We sat down ... Read more

David Boreanaz: The Interview

After fighting his way through two critically acclaimed and fan-loved shows (Buffy, Angel) just to find himself on the losing end of a ratings battle with a soon-to-be merged network, David Boreanaz set his sites on something bigger; a big-four network show.  Flash-forward a few years and he find... Read more

Gordon Ramsay: The Interview

INTRODUCTION FROM GORDON: I’m very excited about season four, more so than any other year before.  When you look at the setup in terms of the level of professionalism, this year we’ve raised the bar.  Looking for a chef personally is something I’ve stood by, got very nervous abou... Read more

Summer Glau: The Interview

From Firefly/Serenity to The 4400 and now the hit series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Summer Glau is quickly becoming the go-to girl for sci fi standard.  But, what lies deeper?  What drives her, inspires her and where is the series taking her and her character.... Read more

Henry Rollins: Quick Thoughts

Henry Rollins career has never been up or down but it has surely been sporadic.  From his early days of becoming the new singer of legendary punk outfit Black Flag (for which he was just a fan long before) to his commercial success with The Rollins Band and various movie rules, both successful an... Read more