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Willodean: Willodean

Willodean isn't a mainstream moniker. It’s an anachronistic name, one for a band that chronicles longing, loneliness, and lost loves. ... Read more

Marty Walsh: The Total Plan

Guitarist Marty Walsh has a new album out called, "The Total Plan" where it's an all instrumental album. Full of songs that are blues, jazz, rock, and a lot of groovy tunes, The Total Plan is one of those albums that can turn back ground music into a conversation.... Read more

Alice Brightsky: Box Of Me

Like with most music there are songs that I can like instantly, dislike instantly, or even grow to like/dislike as I hear the music more and more. Alice Brightsky has put out an album that does a little of the instant and growing to like the songs that are played on the new album, “Box Of Me”.... Read more

Furious Jones: Bread & Circuses

It's indie rock that's not the typical radio music but could be played on the radio. Bread & Circuses is the album that I'm talking about by the two member band, Furious Jones.... Read more

Vincent Poag: For the Girls

From the first time he saw the story of Broadway composer George M. Cohan in the movie Yankee Doodle Dandy as a child, Poag dreamt of being a songwriter. With early music influences like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, Poag learned a lot about showmanship and the ability to sell a song.... Read more

Calvin the 3rd: Marathon

This album is my way of tackling life's challenges. I turn the tragedies in to triumphs! I write about overcoming difficult relationships with friends and family. I vent through my music and I believe that God gave me this outlet so that others can also overcome life's trails and tribulations.... Read more

Julius Seizure: Trials

Clifton, New Jersey-based melodic metal outfit JULIUS SEIZURE— propelled by the re-joining of original vocalist Yosef El— are pleased to announce the release of their brand new tracks ‘Sixth and Falling’ and ‘Second Coming’. The tracks are cut from their August 2013 release, Trials.... Read more

The Alex Tjoland Band: Shot At Redemption

The Alex Tjoland Band, or as the cover also states, TATB, is a Christian music group based out of Warner Robins, GA.... Read more