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If you have NOT watched the Deadpool 3 trailer that is now out, and you don’t want spoilers, then DO NOT read this, because I’m going to break down some of this trailer. If you don’t care, then go right on past this one last warning.




After years, and years, and too many years, we are finally getting the first look at the upcoming movie that’s up until now been called, Deadpool 3. However, we now have an official title for the movie and I’m loving it.

That’s right, Deadpool & Wolverine. Oh wow, oh wow. I’m so excited about this. First off, I want to talk about the title of it. It’s pretty simple to understand but it still leaves some questions to be asked. Deadpool & Wolverine. Does this mean that it is a team-up movie? If so, does that mean that Wolverine will get introduced pretty early on in the movie? How long will it take for the first initial meeting, where of course there will be a dislike of each other that leads to fighting that will lead to them having to team up to help each other fight whatever it is they have to fight.

Or, instead of meeting at the very start they meet towards the end of the movie. Maybe the last 20 minutes or less is them meeting, fighting, then coming to an understanding of some sort and that’s it. It’s possible.

Ok, lets break down some of the shots in this trailer. There is a lot going on in this trailer. It opens with a birthday party for Wade where his friends from the past 2 movies are there to celebrate with him. There is a cake with a photo of all of them in it but what has me scratching my head with this scene is why there is only 1 candle in the cake. I’m thinking that it will be a celebration where it’s been 1 years since he’s been Deadpool. For the last year he has been just Wade Wilson and his friends are celebrating his birthday of him being just Wade. Maybe?


As the scenes continue, we see more of the celebration with all his friends and Vanessa standing around the cake. There’s also Negasonic, Yukio, Collossus, Buck, Dopinder, Peter, and Shatterstar, who were brought back to life from when Deadpool went back in time to change the outcomes of certain events. By doing this, did that screw up his own timeline in a way that now the TVA has to get involved?

Also, am I the only one that finds the wig and look of Wade really super creepy and disturbing?

A knock at the door takes Wade out to the hallway where a bunch of the TVA troopers are there. Yes, the Time Variance Authority, the people that police the timelines from Loki. The same door opens that are used in the Loki show, where Wade is taken away and into the TVA. He’s being talked to by some mysterious guy that I don’t know who that is but while he’s talking to Wade, he shows him the screens that have past MCU playing out on them. There’s Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, they are from Avengers Age of Ultron, Captain America Winter Solider, and one shot from Thor Ragnarok. If you look in one of the smaller screens you can make out Deadpool in a suit and tie. There are some other images in the screens that look like some sort of security camera feed of steps but I can’t make out the others.

As the dialog goes on between the TVA man and Wade about being a hero, there is a shot of Wade in a blue shirt and a nametag that just says, Wade. I tried to zoom in to make out what is written under his name but it’s too blurry for me to make out. When he opens the locker door with the Deadpool suit in it, this makes me think even more that he’s stopped being Deadpool and has only been Wade for a year and he now has to go back to being Deadpool. Also, until this moment in the trailer, he’s only been Wade and it’s not until after he opens the lock and gets the speech of this being his time to be a hero that we see him dressed as Deadpool.

There’s a line about, “cinematic universe”, that Wade says right before we seen the back of someone with a bald head. Could this be Xavier’s sister Cassandra Nova? She was his twin that came out in the comics who is a pretty evil person. Maybe, but what’s even more curious for me is the next shot shows Deadpool sitting in a dark room. It’s quick but if you pause it you will see that the perspective that we are getting is looking through the teeth of something big. This could be a leftover jaw from one of a Chitauri Leviathan from the first Avengers movie. It would kind of make sense if it was but it could be anything really when you consider this is the multiverse.

There is a fighting scene that plays out that shows some sort of smoke like thing grab up one TVA troopers. What is that smoke monster? Is this the Alioth from the end of Loki season 1? It’s there to consume everything sent to the Void so if this is Alioth, then, is the location with the balls the Void? What’s the purpose of those metal spheres? Could it be some sort of bait trap for Alioth so that the main villain can get the power of Alioth? Maybe this is how they survive in the Void, by setting bait traps for Alioth to go after while the others escape.

Speaking of the multiverse, the first image we get of Wolverine in this trailer is a back shot of him in what I’m thinking can only be one place, Madripoor. Is this Patch that we are going to get to see in a live action movie? I really really hope so. Another thing to notice is that he’s sitting at what looks like a poker table. This could be nothing or it could be another easter egg for us. We don’t see who is dealing the cards, which could mean nothing, it could be just some random guy at the table who is the dealer and not important. Or it could be someone like Gambit. Would they put Gambit in this? Considering all the other little cameos that the other Deadpool movies had, I wouldn’t be surprise in the least if they put Gambit in this. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprise at all if there were a lot more X-Men/mutants showing up in this movie. It’s not until the end of the trailer that we get to see Wolverine again and I really love how they do this shot. Again, this could be me just looking too much into it but if you notice how Wolverine’s shadow walks up and blends into Deadpool laying on the ground. It’s like it’s showing how both men are the same and they are blending together. That is until, snikt come the claws.

Another thing to take notice of in this scene with Deadpool laying on the ground, the comic. There is a comic that has the title, Secret Wars, with the cover tattered and flapping in the wind. Is this just an easter egg, a hint to future things to come for the slated movie due out in 2027 or who knows when, or is this a hint that this is part of the Secret Wars?

Two other things to notice, one is simple enough to know what it is, the 20th Century Fox logo in the rubble behind Deadpool. This can be interpreted in many ways, but I’m sure it’s a tongue in cheek thing they are doing. The other thing I noticed that I don’t know what the meaning of is, is in the elevator scene when Deadpool does a little dance move. On the switchboard behind him the number 943 is seen. I don’t know what that might be in reference to. If anyone does, please leave a comment saying what it is.

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