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Sarah Brightman to travel to space (Video)

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Singer Sarah Brightman is going where many have never gone before as the classical recording artist plans a trip to the International Space Station. BBC reports that Brightman must complete a tour in 2013 before embarking on a six month preparation training stint at the Star City cosmonaut in Moscow. Brightman will be one of three crew members to fly to the ISS; she will be the seventh civilian to tour The 52-year-old Saprano will, however, become the first globetrotting recording artist to ever make it to space, PCMag reports. “This voyage is a product of a dream, my dream. Finally it can be a reality. I am more excited about this than anything I have done in my life to date," she told reporters in Moscow. Thus far, she has passed the mental and physical examinations needed in order to fly. A date has not been set as to when she will make her voyage. “I don't think of myself as a dreamer. Rather, I am a dream chaser. I hope that I can encourage others to take inspiration from my journey both to chase down their own dreams and to help fulfill the important UNESCO mandate to promote peace and sustainable development on Earth and from space," she states. See Brightman talking to CNN about her upcoming voyage below: