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Learning Mandarin Made Easy!

This video exmplains the Chinese characters at 0:25

Happy birthday, Lena Dunham!

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

Lena Dunham turns 27 today! Born in New York City, NY, Lena Dunham was born to artists parents. She wrote and directed her first movie Creative Nonfiction, and had her sister, poet and model Grace Dunham to appear in it. The actress/filmmaker then made her next independent movie in 2010, Tiny Furniture, featuring herself as the lead actress, Aura. She garnered Best Narrative Feature Award in South by Southwest Music and Media Conference. In 2012, Dunham's TV series Girls then made a groundbreaking appearance in HBO, it received high rating, and fast enough to become viewers' favorite TV show. The show, whose executive producer is American director/producer Judd Apatow, garnered Dunham four Emmy nominations, two Golden Globe, and the title of the first women who ever won Directors Guild Award for Outstanding Director. As if 2012 could not be a better year for Dunham, later that year, she signed a $3.5million contract deal with the largest trade book publisher in the world, Random House, to publish her essay collections into a book. Also, starting last year, Lena Dunham started dating fun.'s lead guitarist, Jack Antonoff, and, as a feminist, she stated that she would not get married until same-sex marriage is legalized.