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Keri Russell awoken by robbery at her Brooklyn Heights home

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Actress Keri Russell, who currently stars on the FX drama The Americans, was reportedly the victim of an attempted burglary early Wednesday. The Golden Globe winner was awoken by the burglars and called 911. Law enforcement sources told The New York Post’s Page Six that two men broke into her Brooklyn Heights home, where the 37-year-old was sleeping on the basement level. At around 3:40 a.m., the men used the first-floor window, which was apparently left open, to enter Russell’s home. She was woken up by voices, which she believed belonged to a man and a woman. When she went upstairs, she found some jewelry gone, as well as her Macbook Air and Filson bag. At that point, she called 911 and police apprehended the suspects as they tried to rob another home. TMZ is reporting that the two men were a father and son team. The Post published the suspects’ names, Stephan Swindell, 19, and Ronald Swindell, 50. Russell won a Golden Globe for Felicity and also appeared in Mission: Impossible III, Austenland and Dark Skies. image: FX