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Cast of ‘Field of Dreams’ reunites on iconic field 25 years later

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In 1989 the film Field of Dreams, was released in theaters and captured numerous hearts with its story about family, father and son, and baseball. Now, 25 years after the fact, the cast of Field of Dreams has reunited back at the field, just in time for Father’s Day. Field of Dreams is the story of a farmer who builds a baseball diamond amid his fields, following the suggestions of a voice his head. After the diamond is built, numerous baseball players who loved baseball come to play, including the Chicago Black Sox, as described by IMDb. More than 6,000 fans came to celebrate the Field of Dreams’ anniversary and take part in the celebratory events scheduled. Along with a discussion on Friday where cast members reflected on their movie experience and discussed baseball and life in general, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports the 25th anniversary celebration features a screening of the movie, and family games of catch. There is also supposed to be a baseball game, featuring Kevin Costner and other notable celebrities, such as major league baseball player Bret Saberhagen. Photo