Regular Show: Mordecai Pack

On DVD: 
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Running Time: 
176 Minutes
Based on TV Show: 

It might have a name that will lull you into believing that the odd and strange are not part of it, but the Regular Show is so far from being “regular” that just calling it that is part of the joke (at least to me). What this show is about are two friends, one is Rigby who is a raccoon and his best friend Mordecai, a blue jay. They work as groundskeepers at a park, which they don't like going to work at, and they find ways to have fun in pretty much anything. While at work they deal with their bosses, one who is a gumball machine, one has a lollipop for a head, and well a bunch of other odd looking characters.
This newest DVD set, the, “Mordecai Pack”, is the 10th DVD to be put out for the show but don't be thinking that it will be of an set season. Just as odd as the show is, the DVD contains it's own odd assortment of episodes. Instead of getting episodes from one whole season, this set contains 16 episodes that are picked from seasons 3, 4, 5, and 6. Why this is done this way instead of just coming out with half one season is something I don't understand but this is a show that I don't watch so buying the DVD sets is something else I don't do so I don't know if this is just the norm for the show. If so, I don't like how they are sold like this.
Anyways, as for the show itself, wow. Like I said, nothing regular about this show at all. Everything, from the wild characters to the adventures and plots of the show is just crazy and absurd. Of course I can see the appeal this show will have on kids because it's just all over the place with imagination and nothing that can be related to how an adult would actually do things. Sometimes it was a bit much for me on just the antics that they have the characters go through and it is a bit out of my normal show parameters, but it was still a lot of fun to watch. It does exactly what it's suppose to do, make me laugh. No I wasn't laughing where I had tears in my eyes, nor does the show do anything that made me want to tell my friends about the episode I had watched the night before and how great it was, but it did entertain me while I watched it. It might be a little too out there for most adults, but for kids, Regular Show should be a wild hit.